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Transitions to adulthood in times of inequality: the changing impact of intergenerational relations

Social inequality is one of the most important topics of our time. Recent trends suggest an increasing gap between the rich and the poor, with inequality permeating individuals’ lives in every context. Many young people making the transition to adulthood during these turbulent times have experienced difficulties with establishing households of their own.


As welfare states in many countries are cut back, intergenerational support during the transition to adulthood has gained new relevance. At this two-day international conference distinguished scholars from European and American universities convene to discuss a variety of topics related to young people’s transitions to adulthood and intergenerational relations. Issues of global inequality as well as social class differences in particular societies and everyday experiences of intergenerational family processes, are among the topics that will be addressed.

The conference aims to bring together researchers from fields of youth studies and research on life course and intergenerational relations in order to broaden debates in these areas of study.

Dates and venue

May 30th - May 31st 2017. 

University of Bergen Faculty of Social sciences’ building:

Lauritz Meltzer’s hus. 

Fosswinckelsgate 6 - 5007 Bergen


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Post-conference PhD-course

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