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Call for papers

European Sociological Association RN 33 Mid-term Conference in Bergen June 14-15 2018

‘Gender relations and welfare policies in transition: Markets, States, and Families’


ESA Research Network 33 Women’s and Gender Studies

Mid-term conference, Bergen, Norway, June 14-15 2018

  • Chair: Lise Widding Isaksen
  • Co-chair: Consuelo Corradi

Over the last decades, global markets, transforming welfare regimes and an increased feminization of migration have changed families, social policies and labour markets.

First, local and transnational families face complex gendered dilemmas of work and family, more stressful lives and greater tensions at work and at home. Dual earner/dual caregiver families based on gender equality norms increasingly replace male breadwinner families. Changing gender relations, race, ethnic diversity, sexualities, class, age and gendered embodiments influence forms of social reproduction and ways of doing families and care.

Second, local and global gender regimes, social policies and welfare services are of great importance for social change aimed to empower and protect women in minority and majority populations. The rising power of neo-liberal policies and global capitalism challenge established social rights and citizenships.

Third, gendered divisions of paid and unpaid labour continues to segregate labour markets. Women continue to work longer hours per day than men in unpaid care work in households, and in paid work in the labour market. Precarious work, gender, sexual and ethnic discrimination at work, de-skilling and temporary work contracts initiate cumulative disadvantages and socio-ethnic stratifications in minority and majority populations.

We welcome particularly papers discussing gendered intersections between states, markets, welfare regimes, and families.