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Migration, Integration and Mobility

The research group Migration, Integration and Mobility examines the relationship between globalization processes, postcolonial, racial / ethnic, gender and transnational relations related to changes in key societal institutions such as the welfare state, the family, the labor market, civil society and politics.

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Emil W. Breistein
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Central issues are the relationship between the majority and minority population, between 'us', 'the strangers' and 'the others', between integration and disintegration, the development of ethnic and race-related social constructions and forms of social, economic and cultural inequality. We also examine how migration and ethnic relations are linked to social and political mobilization and change.

MIM also addresses issues related to demographic change processes in the population, global care chains, cultural value patterns and different types of migration.

The religious and cultural traditions of majority and minority groups and the desire to preserve religious and culture-specific traditions are issues that are thematized.

We work with both qualitative and quantitative analyzes of migration, migration processes and both group-related and personal experiences in the context of migration and focus on mobility within Europe as well as migration to and from the European continent.

An important part of the research is to develop an understanding and knowledge of how different types of migration are linked to different migration or mobility regimes that provide guidelines for both the age and age composition of emigration and immigration, family formation, integration in the labor market, in the family and in civil society and democratic processes.


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