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Work, Knowledge, Economy and Education

The profile area covers a broad field of interest and is represented through several teaching courses at the Department of Sociology. A central research interest is directed is the intersection between the profile area's fields of work, class and education.

Professor Ole Johnny Olsen (t.h) på studietur til Berlin med masterkullet høsten 2019. Her ble de møtt av Hans Joas som holdt foredrag i Berlin (t.v).
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Work, Class and Education

As an academic discipline, sociology arose out of the ambition to analyze the consequences of the transition from traditional to modern society. Where the French Revolution permanently changed political institutions and rights, the Industrial Revolution resulted in far-reaching social and economic changes. With the rise of industrial capitalism, new social classes emerged. Traditional elites were challenged by new, powerful groups, and the institutions of the state apparatus were changed, expanded and strengthened. Previous forms of social inequality were challenged, but partly also continued in the transition from one social formation to another, and from one generation to the next. Three common denominators for all the classical studies were that the analyzes were historically rooted, that they emphasized the importance of the institutions and that the time dimension, the order of change, was central. These remain relevant in analyzes of today's society.

The profile area LFS therefore emphasizes such a historical-sociological approach in the analysis of modern society's central institutions and issues. The research at the department focuses in particular on two topics:

    Work and education

    Elite, class and social mobility

Work and education are two of modern society's key institutions and main themes for sociological research.


Ongoing Research projects:

Admission Impossible? School Choice in European Cities (Katharina Sass): Admission Impossible? School Choice in European Cities | University of Bergen (uib.no)

PIONEERED: Pioneering policies and practices tackling educational inequalities in Europe (Jan Skrobanek): PIONEERED - Pioneering policies and practices tackling educational inequalities in Europe | PIONEERED (pioneered-project.eu)