Strategy 2019–2022


If we are to succeed in our mission, realize our visions and reach our strategic objectives, simple means and measures, conditions and resources are particularly important. These must be specified in action plans, plans of measures to be implemented and partial strategies to be developed in collaboration with our partners throughout the entire strategy period.

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Financing to reach our goals

Stable and predictable finances are decisive for fulfilment of the strategy. The establishment of ­additional research environments demands both increased financial resources, long-term investments in infrastructure and necessary working capital for salaries and operation. If UiB is to reach the goal of maintaining high, international academic quality, both financial support and earnings from commissioned assignments must be bolstered. Support from the Research Council of Norway and the EU is particularly important.

Multidisciplinary profile to meet the challenges facing society

We will give an account of and establish good models and incentives for research, researcher education and teaching across faculties and ­disciplines, and we will build further on thematic ­commitments that help, through high academic quality, to respond to the great challenges currently facing society.

World-class knowledge clusters

The establishment of knowledge clusters is one of several working methods by which we can reach UiB’s goal to develop outstanding research and education environments of excellence. The clusters are based on interdisciplinary collaboration to solve complex issues. The clusters must be established in areas in which UiB already possesses high international academic quality, but also in other ­areas where there is an opportunity for comprehensive cooperation between academic environments internally at UiB and external partners in research institutions, business, public administration and cultural and societal entities. Our activities need to be financed to a significant extent through externally acquired funding.

The following clusters are being formed

The ”Media City Bergen” cluster; the Marine ­Research cluster; a knowledge cluster for healthcare disciplines, ”Health Campus Årstadvollen”; the Climate Research cluster; a knowledge cluster for future energy and technology solutions; a cluster for medieval research. 

Infrastructure for ground-breaking research, education and dissemination

The university shall have modern scientific equipment, research and education facilities, as well as services provided by the University library and University museum and administration of the scientific conferences. Our plans and strategies shall comprise objectives and prioritizations of these.

Knowledge dissemination and dialogue with society

Increasing competition for students and research funding both at home and abroad require an increased effort to profile and make ourselves visible. This applies to academic disciplines, research results, learning environments, student life and UiB’s role and importance for society at large. We will demonstrate social commitment and responsibility through active dialogue with the world around us.

Digitization creates new opportunities

Digitization and use of new technology fosters innovation in research, education, dissemination, administration and management and makes the university’s knowledge and comprehensive collections available to new groups in society. UiB’s web pages and net-based services for good communication with the public, staff and students will be further developed. In addition, digital work processes with a high degree of user friendliness and accessibility will free administrative resources for other uses at UiB.

International cooperation - the University in the world

Knowledge and expertise are being exchanged to an increasing extent across international borders, and international cooperation is subject to increasing competition between education and research institutions and a number of other players. The key to success in this increasingly competitive world is that our teaching and research holds the highest quality and that the academic environments remain attractive to potential partners. Meanwhile, the university must play its part in solving global challenges and building a skills base, even though the research may be of little immediate value to Norway and does not serve to promote its national interests. Our students shall be given the skills and initiative to promote a sustainable development.

An innovative and functional organization

The university shall be a good, inspiring and inclusive workplace for our students and staff. Implementation of UiB’s strategy requires a well-functioning organization with efficient and future-oriented administrative and technical services adapted to the university’s tasks in the areas of research, education, dissemination and innovation.

Good recruitment

People are the most important resources for the university. Stability and predictability in the form of secure job frameworks are important in long-term strategic academic work. It will be crucial during the strategy period to attract additional skilled employees – academics, administrators, technicians.

Leadership development

Leadership at management level must be characterized by respect, diversity, dialogue, openness, honesty, trust and integrity throughout the entire system. UiB has a long tradition in developing prominent academic leaders who initiate and build up strong research and education environments.

An attractive learning environnment

All the faculties shall have welcoming strategies that provide students with a good start, both academically and socially, when they are received. An attractive learning environment also requires the best teaching expertise among our academic staff members. The learning environment shall be developed in accordance with the commitment to infrastructure, which entails a prioritization in particular of classrooms and study areas of high quality.