We Explore

Collage showing research at the University of Bergen
Tracsymbols, NASA, Nick Scheerbart/Unsplash, Eivind Senneset, Ingvild Festervoll Melien, Paul Sigve Amundsen


Researchers and students at the University of Bergen explore core issues – from the origins of the universe, via the history of humankind, to visions of the Earth’s future.

We intend to continue our commitment to the areas of marine research, global social challenges and climate and energy transition.

We shall utilize and further develop the broad multi-disciplinary nature of the university for academic mobilization, in-depth immersion and cooperation across disciplinary boundaries.

The University of Bergen will combine the best talents among researchers and students.

The University is to be a natural meeting place for research, education and dissemination of knowledge of high international quality.

Our researchers and students together will generate new insights for the encounter with complex challenges that face society.

We will offer research training of high, international quality in all academic and scientific environments. Our PhD candidates shall actively contribute in national and international research networks.

We shall march in the front ranks for building strong knowledge and compe- tence environments in Western Norway.