We Challenge

Research, education and innovation yield knowledge and expertise that is decisive when important decisions are to be made. Our researchers and students shall contribute insight and communication of knowledge in public discussions.

Collage showing "we challenge"
Thor Brødreskift, Eivind Senneset, Paul Sigve Amundsen

We will challenge the knowledge front and conventional notions through ­critical analysis and knowledge made available to everyone.

Through research and education, we shall contribute towards challenging power structures and promote a diversified and sustainable society.

We shall have the reputation of being a national institution of culture and a ­crucible for new ideas, innovation and new ways of learning.

We shall be a meeting place for staff, students and society at large in an ­attractive arena for lifelong learning.

We shall have a strong and vibrant university democracy characterized by ­generosity, openness, diversity and dialogue.

The University of Bergen will facilitate and encourage open and critical discussion of its activities in their entirety.