UiB shall contribute in the public exchange of ideas and to the knowledge-based development in society through good communication and dialogue with the world around us. By 2022, we will be a leader in Norway in the field of digital communication.

From the course "Causes of climate change"
The course Causes of Climate Change was developed by the University of Bergen and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and is available to several million students on the Internet.
Frode Ims


We intend to achieve this:

by taking advantage of the breadth of research and education at the University of Bergen and by actively communicating our candidates’ expertise upon completion of their studies. We will do this in parallel with an efficient dissemination of UiB’s research results, innovations and artistic accomplishments.

by ensuring that communication, dissemination and social responsibility become an even greater part of all academic environments and employees’ daily activities.

by further developing Bergen Technology Transfer as the university’s instrument for commercialization of new ideas.

by actively participating in national, Nordic, European and international collaboration on major ­research infrastructures and research centres, and by placing emphasis on open access to research results and research data.

by strengthening the dissemination of knowledge and expertise that currently exists in the ­University museum and University library, we can lay the foundation for greater demand for these and, not least, more active use of them by society at large.

by making UiB’s role as an important meeting place for dissemination and professional activity, and by actively using the University auditorium for important events and conferences.