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Enjoy Norwegian nature

Students in Bergen live close to nature. Make sure to enjoy it and be safe at the same time.

Students hiking taking a selfie with the city in the background
Eivind Senneset

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Need-to-know about hiking

Study Bergen tells you how to stay safe and get the most out of hiking in Norwegian nature.

BSI Outdoors

BIS Outdoors (friluft) arranges hiking trips, skiing trips, mountain meetings, Monday jogging and many other sporty activites.

Outdoor Activities

Student Bergen offers tips and advice for hiking and outdoor activities. 

The Norwegian Trekking Association

Join Norway's bigges outdoor activities organisation who operate 500 cabins across the country and work with marking routes and skiing tracks.

Rent a cabin

The Student Welfare Organisation Sammen offers the chance to rent a cabin at Kvamskogen, perfect for hiking and skiing.