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Service declaration pertaining to the bachelor’s programme

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The bachelor’s programme extends over three years (180 credits) and leads to the bachelor’s degree. As a rule, it consists of 30 credits of introductory courses, 90 credits of specialization in a specific subject or approved combination of subjects, and 60 credits in other subjects. Work towards the bachelor’s degree includes one or more independent assignments of a combined scope that is the equivalent of 10 credits. At least 60 credits must be earned at UiB for the bachelor’s degree to be issued by this university.

The content of the bachelor’s degree is specified in the various study programmes. Based on these requirements, the individual student must choose subjects and courses in the programme and validate them each semester. The university offers extensive opportunities for you to study one semester at a foreign institution of higher learning, provided UiB has a cooperative agreement with the foreign institution or the study visit is at a university where you can complete an accredited study programme.

Duties and responsibilities of the University relating to the bachelor’s programme:

  • To provide you with an education, through a programme of study, that qualifies you for a professional career and for further study
  • To provide relevant information and guidance about academic degrees and programmes, combinations of subjects, career paths and opportunities for further study
  • To issue a diploma, including an international “Diploma Supplement” after you have completed the programme and satisfied the requirements for your degree.
  • To facilitate a study abroad period as an integrated part of your degree.
  • To provide information about leaves of absence and absence schemes

The University expects you as a student to: