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Do you have special needs?

Through dialogue with you, we are able to map your needs and make provisions for them.

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Provisions we offer students with functional impairments include help for the hearing impaired, the visually impaired, the movement disordered and students with chronic illnesses, dyslexia, temporary functional impairments,  ADHD/ADD, Asperger’s syndrome and psychological complaints.

UiB offers

  • counselling and needs assessment
  • Adapted examination procedures and adapted learning environment during study
  • Information and guidance pertaining to additional services (aids and equipment, adapted accommodation etc.)

Through dialogue with you, we are able to map your needs and make provisions for them. We are able to assist you in contacting academic environments and other administrative bodies if you need help. However, we recommend in most cases that the student himself/herself initiates contact with the academic environment.


To get the most out of the scheduled lectures, it is important that you get in touch as early as possible in the semester so that you and the academic staff can agree on how best to adapt to your needs. It may be helpful, for example, to make recordings of lectures or to get copies of presentation files prior to lectures.

Students with disabilities can be allocated reserved spaces in the auditorium. It is also possible to have a table placed in the auditorium if you need one. If movement disordered persons have problems accessing an auditorium, or the facility lacks induction loop/IR coverage, we will attempt to switch the lecture to another auditorium. If you are experiencing a need of this type, it is very important that you get in touch well beforehand. It is frequently difficult to change assigned auditoriums once the scheduled lectures have begun.

Adapted reading room facilities

Contact your faculty if you need a reserved space in a reading room; see the contact information under the ‘Contact’ tab.


UiB has an agreement with Adult education for assessment of reading and writing disabilities. Assessment is done at no cost to you. Contact the Division of Student Affairs if you think you may have signs of dyslexia or if you need a new assessment done.

Students with reading and writing disabilities have the right to borrow materials through the Norwegian library of talking books and braille (NLB). They can lend you syllabus literature that exists in sound/braille format. We will assist you by providing information about what is offered and with registration.

Through NAV (the aids centre) you can apply for software that will support you in your reading and written work at UiB. We will assist you by providing information and the proper application form.

Aids and equipment that you may borrow

UiB has some aids that can be borrowed. Among other things, we have office chairs, ergonomic equipment and a number of other aids. You will need to document your need for technical aids. 


The university has a number of parking spaces reserved for physically challenged students. If your functional impairments make you eligible for a reserved parking space, kindly contact the Office of Disability Services for Students.. We are able to help you prepare an application to the Estate and Facilities Management Division, which is the unit that allocates parking spaces.

Foreign exchanges

Internationalization is important for the University of Bergen Therefore, all students have the opportunity to study at a university abroad. It is important to begin planning early if you are contemplating a study period at a university abroad.


Contact persons by faculty for physically challenged students

Each faculty has a contact person for physically challenged students They will assist you in making special arrangements at the department and faculty level. It is a definite advantage to contact these persons as early as possible in the semester to have special arrangements made for your studies.