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Mitt UiB straight to your mobile!

A new mobile application will make it easier for students to stay up to date and receive information on their mobile. The app is available for Android and iOS devices


Mitt UiB mobile application

DigUiB is now launching a mobile application associated with the Mitt UiB learning platform. The app will provide students with information that is relevant to being easily accessible on the go so they do not have to log in to Mitt UiB or check emails when they are wondering.

– Ever since we introduced the new learning platform Mitt UiB last autumn, the students were clear that an app for mobile was important. Now we are pleased to launch the Mitt UiB app for the semester start, says Vice-Rector for Education Oddrun Samdal. In addition, it may be useful for employees who need to send a message to students in connection with teaching.


Functionality emphasized in the app is course overview, timetable, announcements, messages and files. Additionally, you can enable push alert so that you receive information about events and messages when posted.

It has been added location information on most schedules to facilitate the connection of the Mazemap navigation service. Mazemap is a service to find indoors in large building complexes, and currently available in beta version of the Mitt UiB app.

Upcoming plans for the application

There will be continuous updates to the app beyond the autumn semester, Samdal promises.

– We also want to make the app available as open source, in line with UiB's digitilsation strategy and focus on openness and sharing. Such accessibility can also stimulate further development, for example through student projects.