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Illness and examinations

What are valid reasons for absence from exams and how do you register your absence?

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If you are ill with flu or respiratory tract symptoms on the day of the exam, please stay at home. Do not meet up for your exam.

As a consequence of the corona pandemic, the University of Bergen has temporarily introduced self-certification without need for documentation if you are unable to attend an exam, ref. new temporaray regulation (NO).

What are valid reasons for absence?

In certain cases, being absent from an exam should not count as an exam attempt. Valid reasons for being absent include the following:

  • Student's illness or student's children's illness
  • Death of a close relative
  • Funeral for a close relative
  • Observance of order from the authorities which prevents student from attending an exam
  • Other situations beyond the control of the student which makes it unreasonable for the student to attend an exam

NB! Please note that valid absence applies to examinations only. In general, valid absence does not apply for mandatory work requirements in a course. Any work requirements must be approved before you can sit the exam. If you have challenges in making or delivering mandatory work requirements on time, please contact the study administration ahead of the deadline.


To give notice on your absence, please complete this online form (for examinations only):

You do not need to upload documentation on your absence, regardless of the reasons for your absence.

Please submit your absence form no later than one week after the exam. If you do not adhere to this deadline, the exam will be registered as a valid exam attempt, see §6-8 regarding number of exam attempts (NO).

Withdrawal from an exam

If you become ill during the exam and need to withdraw from the exam, please do not submit your exam paper. All submissions will be graded.

See UiBs academic regulations on withdrawal from an exam (NO)