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How can I access the Internet?

Students can use the Eduroam network to access the Internet.

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With a UiB user account:

  • Your own device: Eduroam is UiB’s wireless Internet. To log on, you can use your UiB user account.
  • UiB computer: All faculties and libraries have computer rooms. Use your UiB user account to log on.

Before you get a UiB user account: 

  • Sammen Housing offers free broadband from Get in all their student hostels.
  • Use the “uib-guest” network
  • If you are using Eduroam at your home university, you will also have Internet access through Eduroam at the UiB campus. Once your UiB user account is activated, you may use this to log on.
  • There are six computers available on the ground floor at the Student Centre.