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Innovation hub for students at UiB

The innovation hub is an offer to all students at UiB, regardless of your degree or field of study. The activities will mainly be student run and most activities take place outside the ordinary course offer. The innovation hub is located in Christies gate 20, down in the basement.

Main content

An innovation hub is a meeting place for creative students who want to work on developing innovative ideas together with other students. It is a place to build networks, learn about innovation processes in practice and to explore new, crazy ideas. 

Who can get access to the innovation hub?
All UiB students can get access to the innovation hub by filling in and submitting this simple application form. Here you briefly sate your motivation for becoming a member. We do this to ensure that the innovation hub is not used for other purposes other than what is intended – an innovative, creative student community. When you become a member, your student card will function as a key card to access the innovation hub.

Does is cost anything?
No, it does not cost anything to become a member.

Why should I become a member?
By becoming a member, you get:

  • Access to the innovation hub between 7am-10pm on weekdays. The innovation hub has a large common room with AV equipment, a quiet room, kitchen, WC and a storage room. You can bring your own laptop or work on one of the two PCs installed in the hub.
  • Exclusive access to events organized by UiB, external partners and the students themselves. Some events will be open to everyone who is interested.  
  • A meeting place where you can work together with other students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • The possibility to influence the content of the innovation hub.
  • Student membership offer at Marineholmen makerspace, a creative innovation workshop at Marineholmen.
  • The opportunity to build an innovation community at UiB. That is an innovation process in itself.  

Do I have to contribute with something?
UiB wants the innovation hub to be for and by students. In such a creative student fellowship, it is important that everyone contribute by being open, curious, and inclusive and by sharing knowledge and competencies. We invite the students to take initiative – whether it is to organize innovation workshops, inspirational lectures or social events.

We have now established a Student board at the Innovation hub. More information about who they are and how you can get in touch with them will be announced shortly. 

Rules of the innovation hub:
By signing in to the innovation hub at UiB, you undertake to:

  1. Contribute to keeping up a positive spirit in the community
  2. Contribute to a positive working environment
  3. Keep the place in order and clean up after yourself
  4. Comply with safety procedures relating to safety and fire
  5. Do not invite in non-members (except for open events)

What types of innovation are there?
There are many types of innovation, some examples are: service innovation, social innovation, green innovation, user-driven innovation product and technology innovation, edupreneurship, intrapreneurship, research-driven innovation, open innovation etc. Every kind of innovation ideas are welcome in the innovation hub, this is the right community to let it develop and flourish in!