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Preparing for exams

In addition to preparing yourself academically, you must also remember to check that the computer and login are ready to use at the examination. This is your responsibility as a student.

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With school examinations, you bring your own computer to the examination. You must prepare your computer prior to the day of the exam.

Before all examinations and submissions you must

Check Studentweb to see that you are enrolled in the courses in which you are going to take the examination (examination registration). If there are problems with your examination registration, please contact the information centre at your faculty as soon as possible.

Please note the following from Studentweb

  • Your candidate number (new for each examination)
  • The venue (14 days before the examination)
  • Room location (3 days before the examination)
  • Start of examination (the date can be changed up to 14 days before the examination)

Check your user account at UiB

At the examination, log on to vurdering.uib.no using your username and password. In the days before the examination you must therefore check to see that:

  • Your user account at UiB is active, for example by checking that you can log on to start.uib.no.
  • You remember the username and password of your UiB account. If you have forgotten your password you can change it at sebra.uib.no. Remember to change your password if you are notified.

It is your responsibility to ensure that this is in order in advance. You will not be able to extend the time of your exam if you get started late because you do not remember your login, or your user account must be activated before you can start the exam.

Check that your computer meets the system requirements

You bring your laptop computer (PC or MAC) on the day of the exam. UiB does not permit tablets, mobile phones or equivalent. 

Your computer must:

  • Have an operating system equal to or newer than Windows 10 or MacOS 10.15. We recommend that you always upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. Please remember to install the update, not just download it.
  • Have a browser installed (one of the last two stable versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Safari (for Mac)).
  • Support the wireless network. Log on to Eduroam before the day of the exam. This is the network used in most exam locations. Where necessary, you will be given information about the network in the venue.
  • Have a valid version of a secure browser installed (see item "3. Check to see that your computer is ready for the examination"). The secure browser is not needed for examiniations at home.

Borrowing a computer?
If you have a computer that does not support the above requirements or you do not have a computer, you can borrow a computer from UiB for the examination (see information under item “Do you need to borrow a computer?").

Check to see that your computer is ready for the examination

School examinations are conducted in a secure browser, a simple browser that closes access to resources on your computer and the Web during exams. You are responsible for installing a secure browser on the computer you bring to the examination BEFORE the day of the exam. Before each new examination, you must ensure that you have the correct version of the secure browser installed on your computer. The secure browser used on vurdering.uib.no is called Safe Exam Browser (SEB).

Download and install the secure browser as follows

  • Log on to vurdering.uib.no.
  • Go to the tab "Demo tests", find the test "DEMO Skriftlig eksamen på campus / Written Exam on Campus", select "Click here to get ready".
  • Please read the text of the test, go to the bottom of the page under the heading "I have not installed Safe Exam Browser", select "Download", follow the instructions on the screen.

If you have the Safe Exam Browser installed on your computer, you should choose to replace this with a new version if you are prompted to do so when you download and reinstall the browser.

Make sure you have a valid version of the secure browser before EACH exam

  • Log on to vurdering.uib.no.
  • Go to the tab "Demo tests", find the test "DEMO Skriftlig eksamen på campus / Written Exam on Campus", select "Click here to get ready".
  • Please read the text of the test, find the SEB password for the test, go to the heading "I have installed Safe Exam Browser", select "Open test in Safe Exam Browser", follow the on-screen instructions.

If in the week before the examination you can complete and "deliver" the demo test, and then close the Safe Exam Browser without error messages, your computer is ready for the examination.

See Frequently Asked Questions if you have any questions about installation.

Get to know the exam system

The better you know the exam system before the examination, the more you can concentrate on the contents of your answer paper on the day of the exam. Take therefore some time to familiarise yourself with the functionality you find in the demo test(s) at vurdering.uib.no.

Do you need to borrow a computer?

If you do not have a laptop computer (see equipment requirements) to bring to the examination, you can apply to borrow a computer from UiB. Loaner machines with a secure browser will be delivered to the exam location before the examination starts.

Application deadline
The application deadline is one week (5 business days) before the exam date. Should you need to borrow a computer after the deadline, you must make private arrangements. If this is difficult you must immediately contact user support; remember to enter your course code and exam date.

Application form
You apply for a loaner machine for the examination by logging on to the form below, with your UiB username and password, and choosing the examinations for which you want to borrow a computer. Remember to submit your application by pressing the "Send" button. At the top of the same form you will see the exams for which you have been granted a loaner machine.

External equipment

If you prefer to use an external keyboard or mouse, you are free to bring it yourself. The equipment must be connected by cable, NOT wirelessly. You will not receive user support for using such equipment during the examination. Preferably test before the examination that you are able to get the equipment to work in demo mode with a secure browser at vurdering.uib.no.

Do you need user support?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will be able to provide answers to many issues related to the examination.

The IT assistants in your faculty can help with the installation of a secure browser in advance of the exam day. While technical support will be available throughout the exam, support for the installation of a secure browser must take place before the examination.

If you need further assistance, you can report this here.

External candidates

If you are going to take an exam as an external candidate, you are required to create a UiB user account to be able to log on to the exam system and take the examination. For more information see the letter sent to you by the faculty.

You must bring your own computer to the examination, as well as install the secure browser on your machine BEFORE the exam day. See the information under "Check to see that your machine is ready for the examination".

If you participate in external courses organised by UiB, you will be given your login information in connection with the examination.