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Checklist before examination

Check venue, room location and date.

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1. Before all examinations and submissions you must:

Check Studentweb to see that you are enrolled in the courses in which you are going to take the examination (examination registration). If there are problems with your examination registration, please contact the information centre at your faculty as soon as possible.

2. Before school examinations, please note the following from Studentweb:

  • Your candidate number (new for each examination)
  • The venue (14 days before the examination)
  • Room location (3 days before the examination)
  • Start of examination (the date can be changed up to 14 days before the examination)

3. Meet-up time

You must present yourself and register in the exam location no later than 30 minutes before the examination begins. For examinations at the Faculty of Law you must meet 50 minutes in advance due to inspection of support material.

4. Digital examination?

For digital examinations, see your before digital exam checklist.