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Where do you submit your take home exam?

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Submission of paper

If you are to submit a paper for assessment in a course, this is usually submitted at vurdering.uib.no or in Mitt UiB. See information about this online on the course page (links can be found in the exam plan), or on the course page in Mitt UiB. For further information about submitting papers to vurdering.uib.no, see the information under Home examinations.

The formulation of examination questions is not necessarily provided on vurdering.uib.no when it comes to submissions of answer papers that are not home examinations.

Home examinations

As a rule, home examinations are to be submitted to vurdering.uib.no, and the exam question text will also usually be available in the same place when the exam starts. Log on, find the test for the exam in question, select "Click here to get ready", and then "Open the test" to enter the actual exam. The "Open the test" button will become active when the exam starts.

When you are finished with your answer, you must save the answer to a file that you upload according to the instructions in the exam question paper at vurdering.uib.no. Make sure you go to the confirmation page for submission before returning to Dashboard and logging out. If you can upload a new version of your answer multiple times until the due date, the system will automatically submit your uploaded file at the end of the test.

When the exam ends, your answer will be automatically locked for editing. You should therefore upload your answer well ahead of the deadline.