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Checklist for new international students

As a new international students at UiB, you are required to complete several obligatory registrations and formalities.

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1.Claim your UiB user account → 2.Register as a student → 3. Pay the semester fee→ 4. Download the Student ID App → 5. Obtain your student card → 6. Register with the police → 7. Norwegian ID number → 8. Sign up for a Tuberculosis test 9. Refund from the Student Deposit Account → 10. Sign up for Tandem Language Learning → 11. Read about preparations for (digital) exams

1. Claim Your UiB User Account

All students accepted to UiB will receive an automatically generated email from our service UiBtilgang (UiB Access). This gives you access to UiB’s IT systems through a user account. To claim the user account, click on the link provided in the email and follow the steps.

To verify the account, you will be asked to click on "Send verification code on SMS". This SMS will be sent to the number you provided when applying to UiB. Should you not receive the SMS, you can choose the link "Wrong number, or cannot use mobile" to have the verification code read to you by an automatic phone call.

When you log in to one of UiB's services with your user account, you will be notified that you must set up multi-factor authentication within 14 days.

Who: All students
Where: Follow the link in the automatically generated email
When: As soon as possible after receiving the email
What you need: your phone

2. Register as a Student

All students must register at Studentweb at the beginning of each semester. Studentweb is also where you sign up for classes and exams and find payment information (if applicable, see step 3). You need to claim your UiB user account before you can register as a student.

Who: All students
Where: Studentweb
When: Deadline 1 September/1 February (except some courses, see below)
What you need: Your UiB User Account

More information on semester registration

3. Pay the Semester Fee

Most students need to pay the semester fee, currently NOK 590 per semester. The exception is exchange students coming through an exchange agreement with a partner university.

Who: All students, except exchange students
Where: semesteravgift.uib.no
When: Deadline 1 September/1 February
What you need: You can find payment information on semesteravgift

More information on semester fee payment

4. Download the Student ID App

UiB's student ID app is your semester receipt that confirms that you are a UiB student for the current semester.  

Who: All students

When: As soon as possible after you have opened the UiB user account

More information on the Student ID App

5. Obtain Your Student Card

Who: All students
Where: The Card Centre at the Student Centre, first floor
When: As soon as possible after you have opened the UiB user account
What you need: Valid ID (passport or national ID card)
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-14:00 (15:00 during the first three weeks in the autumn semester)

More information on student card

6. Register with the Police

Who: All students staying in Norway for more than three months (Exemption: Citizens from Nordic countries)
Where: Depends on your citizenship, follow the link below
When: Depends on your citizenship, follow the link below
What you need: Depends on your citizenship, follow the link below

More information on registering with the police

7. Norwegian ID Number and D Number

The Norwegian ID number/D number is an 11 digit personal identifier, issued by the Tax Administration office (Skatteetaten). 

Who: All students with a residence permit in Norway. 
Where: Depends on your citizenship, follow the link below
When: Depends on your citizenship, follow the link below
What you need: Depends on your citizenship, follow the link below

More information on Norwegian ID number

8. Sign up for a Tuberculosis test

Students from countries with a high occurrence of tuberculosis are obliged to undergo tuberculosis testing if they are staying longer than three months in Norway. The test is carried out through chest x-rays. 

Who: Students from some countries staying for more than three months, follow the link below
Why: Residence permits are not valid until final clearance from the health authorities has been granted
Where: The TB-test will take place at the Office of Infection Control, Solheimsgaten 9, fourth floor
When: As soon as possible after arrival. Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday 08:20-11:00

More information on TB testing

9. Ask for refund from Student Deposit Account

You must contact the student welfare organisation Sammen for a refund of the funds you have transferred for visa/study permit purposes.

Who: All students from outside EU/EFTA who have transferred money to Sammen's deposit account 
Where: Visit Sammen's Information desk at the Student Centre, Parkveien 1
When: Opening hours: 08:00-15:00
What you need: Bring your passport/ID card and a power of attorney if the funds have been deposited by another person

More information on the Student Deposit Account

10. Tandem Language Learning (optional)

UiB offers language learning in our language exchange programme Tandem. 

Who: All UiB students 
Where: Sign up online
When: Deadline 1 September

More information on Tandem Language Learning

11. Read about preparations for (digital) exams

There is a lot of useful things you should know both before, during and after you have taken your exams. Most of UiB's exams are digital. In addition to preparing yourself academically, you must also remember to check that the computer and login are ready to use at the examination. This is your responsibility as a student.

With digital school examinations, you bring your own computer to the examination. You must prepare your computer prior to the day of the exam.

Who: All UiB students

More information on practical preparations for exams