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Welcome Programme January 2021

Throughout UiB's Welcome Programme you will be introduced to different aspects of being a student in Bergen and Norway through practical information and entertaining lectures.

Bergen by night seen from Fløien winter.
Bergen by night seen from Fløien in winter.
Simon Brandseth

Main content

The Welcome Programme for international students will be online due to covid-19. The Division of Student and Academic Affairs will organise online information meetings and Q&As. These sessions will be live-streamed through Microsoft Teams.

Tuesday, 5 January

13:30 Introduction

13:35 Welcome by vice rector Oddrun Samdal

14:00 Coronavirus: Advice and protective measures   
Get the ultimate student survival guide during your coronavirus quarantine period!

The occupational health service at UiB will provide an introduction about national and local infection control measures everyone has to follow because of the ongoing corona pandemic. 

14:30 Welcome to Bergen – the student city!
by UiB erasmus trainees

Get an introduction to Bergen from the viewpoint of UiB Erasmus trainees Maike and Amanda.

Where is everything? What shouldn’t be missing on your to-do/to-see-list? What are tips for a life on a student budget in Bergen? Join us for an overview of Bergen!

Wednesday, 6 January

13:00 Student organisations
Get to know some of Bergen's Student organisations! The city is filled with different events for students, and student organisations host a lot of them, like: 

  • Erasmus Student Network (ESN), a European-wide student organization who aim to help students studying abroad.
  • Bergen Studentidrettslag (BSI), Bergen's largest student sports club.
  • Hulen, a student run concert venue and pub in a Second World War bomb shelter.
  • The Academic Quarter, the students' culture house that functions as a pub, café and nightclub.
  • The International Students' Union, is committed to the social, academic and political interests of all international students in Norway. 

The Student Parliament
You will also learn about The Student Parliament, the top student political body at UiB.

There is not much we can do with Covid-19, but we have managed to gather important tips and tricks that can make the pandemic everyday life a little better. Keep holding on and Værgodmotdegselv!

Thursday, 7 January

13:00: Sleep in Adolescents and Young Adults
by Professor Ståle Pallesen

Learn why you should make sure to get enough sleep between classes, exams, work, extracurricular and social activities.

This lecture presents an overview of sleep regulation and what characterizes sleep in adolescents and young adults. Secular trends regarding sleep in adolescents and young adults are presented, along with an overview of factors that might disturb sleep in these groups. Advice and potential interventions related to sleep problems will also be introduced.

14:00 Yoga/mobility and meditation
by UiB Erasmus trainee

For those of you who like to, join UiB Erasmus trainee Maike for a relaxing yoga stretch, and calm your mind with a quick meditation afterwards.

Friday, 8 January

13:00: Enjoy Norwegian Nature
by Sabine Koch (DNT)

As a student in Bergen you will live close to nature. Learn how to enjoy the Norwegian nature and stay safe at the same time! The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norway's biggest outdoor activities organisation.

13:30 Quiz
by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Have fun and test your knowledge about different countries.

Monday, 11 January

13:00: Morning yoga and mobility
by UiB Erasmus trainee Maike

Good morning! Join Erasmus trainee Maike in starting the day with an uplifting yoga and mobility session.

14:00 Onboarding with Sammen- the Student Welfare Organisation
Sammen works to ensure that you as a student have a great time during your time in Bergen. 

  • What can Sammen offer the students? 
  • Tips and advice from Sammen's student councellors

Approx. 15:30 Quiz time!
by the UiB Erasmus trainees

Join Maike and Amanda in a quiz a quiz to test your knowledge with other international students!

Mountains, Norwegian peculiarities, unusual information and more! Join us for a round of questions with answers you might not have thought of before.

Tuesday, 12 Janu​ary

14:00 Infection control on campus
Learn about protective measures in order to prevent the spread of covid-19 in study situations and on campus.

14:30 A fun introduction to common Norwegian words
by UiB Erasmus trainees

Did you know that Norwegian has several dialects and is written according to two distinct standards?

Erasmus trainees Amanda and Maike and would like introduce you to some common Norwegian words! When learning a new language, it is always useful to get familiar with those little words that make it unique. 

Meet the faculties

As a part of the welcomme programme, the faculties arrange orientation meetings. The faculty meeting will provide you with important and relevant information for your studies! 

The date and time for the welcome meeting will be held on the 14 or 15 January, depending on which faculty you belong to.