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Autumn semester at UiB

Plans for the new semester at UiB

Answers to the most common questions about the semester start and the autumn semester at UiB.

We hope to see more staff members and students on campus in the autumn of 2021.
Eivind Senneset, UiB

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– We welcome students and staff members back on campus in August, within the infection control rules that apply, says rector Margareth Hagen. She is looking forward to seeing the campus grounds bustling with life again when students and staff members return this autumn.

Both students and staff members will be allowed back on campus this autumn if the infection status doesn’t change too much.

As much campus attendance as possible

This autumn's teaching is planned with as much campus attendance as possible, within the current rules for social distancing and infection control. If teaching on campus is not possible, hybrid or digital teaching will be used instead.

– Regardless of how the infection situation develops, we will work to keep the campus open as much as possible, to ensure that our students have access to student workspaces and somewhere to meet fellow students, says Rector.

Allmøte om høstsemesteret ved UiB

Infection control measures still important

Infection control will still be important for everyone who attends campus. The most important recommendations are:

  • Keep a distance of 1 meter
  • Keep your hands clean
  • Stay home if you are ill, even if you are vaccinated

– It is very important that all student and staff members comply with the infection control measures when we return to campus, says UiBs occupational health service (BHT).

You can find the current infection control measures at uib.no/en/corona

Home office or campus?

Staff members can expect to be allowed back on campus this autumn if the infection status does not change.

Leaders are responsible for ensuring that infection control is taken care of at their own unit and that there are necessary measures that make it possible to effectively detect infection in the event of an infection situation. The Occupational Health Service (BHT) can provide further guidance to units that have questions about handling the scheme.

UiB has a new framework and assessment criteria for the home office. The main rule is that the employer shall provide a workplace available to the employee at the University of Bergen's premises, The agreement allows technical-administrative employees to use the home office up to two days a week, by agreement with their manager.

When all corona measures have been repealed, the new policy will apply.

A good start for the new students

New students will be allowed on campus in smaller groups to experience their first week of semester startup. If everything goes according to plan, the new students will get to meet each other physically throughout the start of their studies.

International students will be greeted with a digital introduction meeting on Wednesday 11 August and Thursday 12 August.

A welcome ceremony is planned for the new students on 16 August. There will be a procession, speeches, and music. This year, the rector's chain will be presented during the ceremony to mark that UiB has a new rectorate. Staff and students will be invited to attend the ceremony, but places will be limited. The ceremony is also streamed live.