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New corona measures with effect from 3. December

Here you will find the regional measures that apply to Bergen municipality, as well as advice and guidelines for how it affects you as a student or employee at UiB.

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On Thursday 3. December, the government introduced new regional measures to counter the corona pandemic. These are in addition to the new national measures that were introduced on Thursday 2. December.

This now applies to you who live in Bergen or one of the surrounding municipalities:

  • Keep a distance from others, preferably one meter where possible. Avoid hugging and shaking hands.
  • Recommendation that workplaces where home office is possible without affecting important and necessary services, ensure that employees work from home all or part of the week, for example that the use of home office for the company as a whole amounts to 50 percent.
  • Adults are asked to consider whether it is possible to reduce the number of close contacts.
  • An obligation to use face masks on public transport, in taxis, in shops and in shopping centres where it is not possible to keep distance. It is also recommended to use face masks where there are a lot of people and it is difficult to keep distance.
  • Workplaces where home offices are possible without compromising important and useful services, must ensure that employees work from home for the whole or a part of the week.
  • A maximum number of people who can gather at private events indoors: Up to 100 people in a public city or in rented or borrowed premises.
  • Restaurants and event organizers are obliged to have a system for registering guests and for notifying guests of infection exposure.
    There can be a maximum of 600 people in the audience at indoor events without fixed allocated seats. They shall be divided into cohorts not larger than 200.

For UiB, this means:

  • Agreement on home office is handled by leaders in dialogue with the individual employee.
  •  All social events are defined as social gatherings and have a limit of 100 people. The leader at the individual unit assesses whether events (such as Christmas closings), with fewer participants, are expedient to be carried out with proper infection control.
  • No national or local restrictions have been introduced that directly address the teaching situation. But the advice that one should stay home if one is ill still applies, as well as the recommendation to use face masks in situations where one cannot keep a distance from others. The units must consider the use of face masks for activities where it is not possible to keep distance.

The regional measures apply until further notice.

Exam and teaching

Throughout the pandemic, UiB has followed the health authorities' national and regional recommendations and measures.

At the same time, we have been concerned with shielding the professional activities as much as possible.

In the phase we are now in, all teaching, exams, disputations and research activities that require a presence on campus are defined as important and necessary. In line with this, UiB will continue with physical education for the rest of the semester.

No national or local restrictions have been introduced that directly address the teaching situation.

But the advice that you should stay at home if you are ill still applies, as well as the recommendation to use face masks in situations where you can not keep your distance from others.

Exams are considered to be safe. UiB will therefore conduct the exams as announced, with good infection control.

These are the some of the current measures measures introduced on the 30. November:

  • The isolation period is extended to 7 days for those who test positive and may be infected with the omicron variant.
  • The quarantine of infection is imposed for 10 days for household members and other close persons who there is reason to believe are infected with the omikron variant. These persons are required to perform a PCR test as soon as possible and on day 7 before the end of the quarantine.
  • A test obligation is introduced for other close contacts. Close contacts should be tested with a PCR test as soon as possible and between days 3 and 7 after close contact and should, if possible, avoid close contact with other people until the first test is negative.
  • All measures apply regardless of vaccination status.
  • The obligations cease if it is later confirmed that the infection is not due to the virus variant omicron.

More info at regjeringen.no (only in Norwegian).

Travelling to Norway

The government has implemented new measures in conjunction with entry to Norway. These are the most important changes that apply to entry into Norway with effect from Friday 26. November 2021:

  • As a rule, all entrants over the age of 16 must register in the entry registration system.
  • Reintroduction of the requirement for a negative test certificate taken within 24 hours before entry for those who cannot document with a verifiable corona certificate that they have been fully vaccinated or have undergone covid-19 in the last six months.
  • Duty to be tested on entry regardless of where you arrive in Norway from, as long as you have not been fully vaccinated or have undergone covid-19 in the last six months - and can document this with a verifiable corona certificate.
  • Entry is open to all foreigners who have the right to enter in accordance with the Immigration Act.

Stay at home if you may be infected

The most important measure employees and students can take in situations of high infection is to stay at home if you are sick, and have a low threshold for testing. Here you will find information from Bergen municipality.

Symptoms: Have you had symptoms of a respiratory infection and are wondering when you can meet on campus? Please find current rules and recommendations at helsenorge.no

Testing: UiB will ensure that self-tests are available at all faculties' information centers. The municipality also issues self-tests to household members, close contacts and people with symptoms. More info here.

Positive rapid test result: Please call the local infection tracing team: 408 11 195. A  positive self-test should be confirmed at a test centre. You will need to take an ordinary PCR test at Festplassen or Spelhaugen. More info here.

Positive PCR test result: With a positive result you must be in isolation. More info here.