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New guidelines

The government and Bergen municipality have implemented new measures both nationally and locally november 19th. People in Bergen are asked to follow a few guidelines.

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Bergen municipality has today decided to introduce a local regulation with infection control measures. 

  • Face masks are mandatory indoors in situations where there is a risk of not being able to keep at least one meter distance, with the exception of brief contact to other than household members, in shops, in the common areas of shopping malls, on public transport and indoor station areas and in taxis. You are also strongly recommended to wear a face mask in all other public contexts indoors when you cannot keep your distance.
  • Pubs, restaurants, cafees, canteens and other places which serves alcohol, must keep an overview of guests. (This also applies to the university's own restaurants)
  • Residents are also advised to limit the number of close contacts and keep more distance to people outside your own household. You are also asked to avoid hugging and shaking hands.

The local regulation for Bergen will apply from Monday 22nd of November, with a four-week duration time - up to and including 20th of December.

Bergen municipality emphasizes that they do not want any other restrictions on events such as cancellation of Christmas dinners or other social gatherings. Measures such as home office are also not considered relevant now.

The most important measure employees and students can take in situations of high infection is to stay at home if you are sick, and have a low threshold for testing. UiB will ensure that self-tests are available at all faculties' information centers.

Here you will find information from Bergen municipality.

Travelling to Norway

The government has implemented new measures in conjunction with entry to Norway. These are the most important changes that apply to entry into Norway with effect from Friday 26. November 2021:

  • As a rule, all entrants over the age of 16 must register in the entry registration system.
  • Reintroduction of the requirement for a negative test certificate taken within 24 hours before entry for those who cannot document with a verifiable corona certificate that they have been fully vaccinated or have undergone covid-19 in the last six months.
  • Duty to be tested on entry regardless of where you arrive in Norway from, as long as you have not been fully vaccinated or have undergone covid-19 in the last six months - and can document this with a verifiable corona certificate.
  • Entry is open to all foreigners who have the right to enter in accordance with the Immigration Act.

Stay at home if you may be infected

The municipality asks all employees and students to take note of the recommendation that in the event of an infection in a household (including eg public transport), everyone should stay at home for a few days, as far as possible, to monitor whether they themselves may be infected.

This applies regardless of vaccine status. The municipality points out that you can often get a negative self-test in the beginning, but with new testing a few days later, you can still be infected.

Symptoms: Have you had symptoms of a respiratory infection and are wondering when you can meet on campus? Please find current rules and recommendations at helsenorge.no

Testing: You can pick up a self-test at your faculty information center. The municipality also issues self-tests to household members, close contacts and people with symptoms. More info here.

Positive rapid test result: Please call the local infection tracing team: 408 11 195. A  positive self-test should be confirmed at a test centre. You will need to take an ordinary PCR test at Festplassen or Spelhaugen. More info here.

Positive PCR test result: With a positive result you must be in isolation. More info here.