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Two meters distance at school exams

From Monday 13 December, there will be arranged for a distance of two meters between students at our school exams.

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- On Thursday, Bergen municipality announced stricter quarantine requirements. The new quarantine requirements put many students in a difficult situation, and the risked ending up in a long-term quarantine due to being present during the physical exam and thus could not go home for Christmas, says prorector Pinar Heggernes.

Therefore, UiB spent Friday arranging all remaining school exams to be carried out with a distance of two metres so that students would not be in danger of being quarantined due to the exam.

- Before, fully vaccinated people could have taken a test to avoid quarantine, but with the new requirements you can be tested after seven days at the earliest. We realized that we had to do something for our students, says Heggernes.

Now Bergen municipality has chosen not to introduce the strict quarantine requirements. UiB will nevertheless complete the remaining exams at a distance of two meters.

- When we still have this in place, it will be  implemented. I hope that this will provide extra security for our students who we know are concerned about meeting up for exam, says Heggernes.

Will be using Grieghallen

UiB has been working to carry out the exams as planned this semester in line with infection control measures from national and local authorities.

- An alternative school exam at home is an ad hoc solution and a bad alternative. We have wanted to avoid this, both for academic reasons and to ensure predictability and fairness for the students, says Heggernes.

In order to achieve a distance of two meters at all remaining exams, 250 new places had to be obtained.

- We are now using a number of new premises, including Grieghallen. It has been a lot of work, but the Estate and Facilites Management division, the Division of Student and Academic Affairs, the IT division and our faculty staff have made  an enormous effort in a short time to make this work, says Heggernes.

She would like to thank everyone for their cooperation and flexibility.

Exceptions at the Faculty of Medicine

With the help of the new premises, UiB can ensure two meters distances between students during the exam until Christmas.

At some courses at the Faculty of Medicine, the exams are converted to digital home exams to ensure these students' progression in further studies. This is because the students have compulsory clinical teaching the week before the exam. If they become infected during this teaching, they will miss the exam. For these students, participation in teaching in the spring requires that exams this semester have been passed.