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Here you will find information on how to obtain a student card, what the card gives you access to, how to change access associated with your card, what to do if you lose your card or it stops working, and guidelines for how to use student cards at UiB.

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How to obtain a student card

  1. What to do first? You should activate your student account at least one whole day before you visit the Card Center to get your student card.
  2. Obtain the card. Bring a valid ID-card to the Card Centre, located at the Student Centre. The Card Centre will take your picture and produce the card for you right away. 
  3. Use the card. When you receive the card at the Card Centre, you should automatically have access to buildings associated with your study program or the courses you take. In order to use the card, you must first set your personal PIN-code. You can set the PIN-code at Studentweb under “My profile”. You may also order a new PIN-code from the log on-page at Studentweb.
  4. Allow some time before the card is activated. Note that it will take a few hours before the new PIN-code in updated for your student card. It may also take 2-3 days until you are able to use it in the library. Further note that you must also have registered for the semester and paid the semester fee (if applicable) for the card to function as a library card.

Do not make any holes in your card, as this may damage it. 

The functions of your student card

  • Access card: The Student card works as an access card to buildings and rooms that you have access to.
  • Borrowing books: At the back of the card there is a barcode that gives you access to the university library services (after you havepaid the semester fee).
  • Printing and copying: The student card gives you access to scanning, copying, and printing at UiB-printers. To be able to print and copy, you must first transfer an optional amount to your printing-account. See how at Upgraded service for printing, copying and scanning | IT division | UiB.

When you need to ID yourself as an UiB-student, you should use the student ID app.

Lost or damaged student card

  • If you lose your or damage your student card, please contact the Card Centre as soon as possible. The price for a new card is 150 NOK. You can pay using Vipps or with a debit or credit card at the Card Centre. 
  • If your card is damaged, you must deliver it at the Card Centre to avoid paying for a new one. 
  • You will automatically get access to the same rooms and buildings as you had on your old card. 
  • If you get a new card because you lost the old one, you will also get a new card number, and it will take a few days before the new card starts working on UiB printers and in the library. Any money for printing stored on the old card will be automatically transferred to the new one.

Sitting for exams? You may use other forms of ID as well. 

If you do not have access to a room or a building 

Visit the Card Centre or contact them through UiBhjelp (UiBs self service portal).

Questions regarding the Student ID App or the semester receipt?

You will find information regarding the Student ID App and the semester receipt at uib.no/studentbevis. If need help regarding this, please contact the information centre at your faculty, or send an email to semesteravgift@uib.no

Most UiB building are equipped with surveillance cameras. The buildings are clearly marked as being under surveillance.