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A simpler student life

There are several public offers that can help make your everyday life easier.

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Sammen offers student counselling, doctor and psychologist, housing, health services, current courses, sports activities etc.

NAV has several relevant services such as an aid centre, interpretation service, reading and writing assistance.

Studier med støtte (Studies with support) (SMS) is a follow-up program for those who have a moderate to severe mental disorder, and who need support to complete higher education.

The Norwegian Audio and Braille Library (NLB) produces literature in an alternative format for blind and visually impaired students. If you have a reading disability, you have the right to borrow from NLB. Services for students with disabilities are helpful in registering as a user at NLB.

The Student Chaplains are a welfare service for all students in Bergen, regardless of their outlook on life. We offer free hours of conversation to anyone who wants someone to talk to.