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Guidelines on alcohol use for students

These guidelines apply to alcohol use and the serving of alcohol at the University of Bergen. Organizers are responsible for complying with the guidelines and familiarizing themselves with the applicable legislation.

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The guidelines that apply to UiB are based on the Alcohol Act, and are intended to help prevent unwanted consequences of alcohol use for students at UiB. They will also contribute to a drug-free learning environment and increase security on campus for students.

The guidelines

The following guidelines apply at UiB:

  • Brought alcohol is not allowed on campus at UiB.
  • Students are not allowed to drink or serve alcohol on campus at UiB unless they have a liquor licence. 
  • The units at UiB can serve alcohol in small quantities during closed events without a liquor licence. Students cannot be organizers of such.
  • Student associations can apply for a liquor license and organize events with the serving of alcohol on campus at UiB. Approval requires among other things, that the event complies with the Alcohol Act, and that no brought alcohol is consumed. 
  • The serving of alcohol outdoors can be permitted within a demarcated/marked area if a liquor licence is available. 
  • Guards will be able to vacate students who consume alcohol on campus in cases where there is no permit or liquor licence. 

Where the guidelines apply

The guidelines apply to the entire campus, including all premises and outdoor areas belonging to UiB. The campus also means outdoor areas adjacent to the faculty buildings and the like, which in practice follow the property boundaries. 

Purpose of the guidelines 

The purpose of the guidelines is to clarify and make visible how the Alcohol Act applies at UiB. With this, UiB seeks to create predictability for students and student associations, contribute to creating a safe framework for alcohol use and serving, and ensure that UiBs reputation is not weakened. Both students associations and UiB employees must contribute to ensuring that the guidelines are complied with.