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Explanation and Appeal - Grade

Explanation of and appealing grades

You are entitled to request an explanation of your grade. You may also appeal grades or file a formal complaint regarding formal errors during an examination.

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Would you like to request an explanation of your grade?

You are entitled to an academic justification of your grade. The deadline for requesting this is one (1) week after the grade is published in Studentweb. You should normally receive an explanation within two weeks after you have requested it. The explanation can be given orally or in writing by e-mail or in the UiB exam system.

See the faculty's pages below for information on how to request an explanation. Students at the Faculty of Law will receive the necessary information on the course page in Mitt UiB when the assessment is made.

Oral examinations
If you have an oral exam or evaluation of practical skills, you must request an explanation immediately after you have learned your grade.

Would you like to appeal your grade?

If you appeal your grade, your answer paper will be reassessed by examiners other than the ones who set the original grade. The outcome can be to your advantage or disadvantage, i.e., your new grade may be raised, remain unchanged or be lowered. Your new grade is final and cannot be appealed.

The deadline for appealing grades is three (3) weeks after your grade is posted on Studentweb. If you have requested an explanation, the deadline is three weeks after you have received the explanation. You cannot appeal oral exam grades.

Would you like to lodge an appeal regarding formal errors during your exam?

You may appeal formal errors if you have taken an exam and believe UiB has committed errors. For example, there may be errors in the examination questions or circumstances in the exam location. You may appeal against formal errors in all types of exams.

The deadline for appealing formal errors in exams is three (3) weeks after the exam has taken place, or that you should be familiar with the circumstances on which the appeal is based.

Where do I send the appeal?
The appeal must set out what you believe has happened and how you want it to be corrected. If your claim is upheld, it can be resolved either by new assessment (if possible) or by holding a new exam. In both cases, the grade is cancelled, which means that you will have no result in the course until a new assessment or exam is carried out.

See also
- guidelines for your faculty below
- Chap. 5, Section 5-2 of the University and University Colleges Act

Read more about the procedure for formal examination errors:

A finding in your favor

The faculty may uphold your appeal if the appeal against formal errors is considered justified. The outcome of a finding in your favour will be that the students affected by the error either receive a new assessment or have to retake the exam. The outcome depends on what is needed in order to correct the error. The outcome of a favourable finding due to formal errors is never a more lenient assessment of the exam or test by the examiner. The examiner may only consider the answer paper that actually exists – not what you might have achieved if the error had not occurred.

Forwarding to Appeals Committee

If an appeal of formal errors is submitted by the deadline, but not considered to be justified, the faculty will submit the case to the Central Appeals Committee at UiB if the appeal is upheld. The faculty must first facilitate the matter before it is submitted to the Appeals Committee, with a copy to the appellant (cf. Section 7.5, paragraph 2) in the Regulations relating to Admissions, Studies, Assessment and Degrees at UiB. The Appeals Committee decides whether a formal error has occurred, and whether a new exam or a new assessment is to be held.

Withdrawal of appeal

An appeal concerning grading or formal errors, which is submitted by the deadline, may be withdrawn as long as no decision has been issued in the case. For example, reasons for wanting to withdraw an appeal may be that you appealed the grade before you received an explanation and that you agree with the grade after receiving the explanation from the examiner, or that the formal circumstance you have appealed has nevertheless not affected the outcome, or been taken into account when you read the examiner’s instructions. To withdraw your appeal you can send an email to you faculty in which you request that your case can be closed, because you do not wish to proceed with your appeal after all. 

Do you have more questions?

Contact your faculty information center.