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Student Bequests

There are a number of student bequests and grants for students at the University of Bergen. You may use the same application form for all the student bequests and grants.

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UiB Bequests 

Student bequests at the University of Bergen:

  • Frøken Lina Asbjørnsens Stipendiefond: Funding is granted to particularly talented students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Priority will be given to students of Marine Sciences.   
  • Signy og Ellert Wallendahls Legat

Who can Apply

  • Applicants must have a right to study at The University of Bergen throughout the entire year they apply for funding.
  • Funding may be given to applicants studying at a one-year study program, bachelor’s or master’s program or a vocational program. Grants may also be given to students who are about to finish their master’s or vocational degree in the current academic year.
  • Signy and Ellert Wallendahl's legat has been funded through mergers with other bequests in 2016. The purpose of the bequest is to support students at the University of Bergen. Part of the funds can be awarded to doctoral candidates, in accordance with the former Carl Johan Storetvedts legat. For up to 14% of the funds distributed, the descendants of Carl Johan Storetvedt shall have priority, according to the former Carl Johan Storetvedts legat. The same person can only receive funds once in accordance with the provisions here. The same portion should be divided into two equal fundings; one for a master's degree student and one for a PhD candidate. At least 8% of the funds awarded will be awarded to students studying health care. This is according to the former Margrethe Bredal and Olaf Lies legat. For up to 6% of the funds distributed, decendants of Fridtjof Sundt shall have priority. This is according to the former Fridtjof Sundt's legat.

Qualification Requirements

  • To be qualified, the applicant must document a minimum of 60 credits taken at The University of Bergen with a grade point average of B or better. Applicants to Storetvedts Legat must have a grade point average equivalent to “Meltzer quality”.
  • The grades achieved must be the result of regular academic progress.

Evaluation of the Application

  • Intermediate students will be given priority.
  • When ranking the applicants the following will be emphasized:
    • Proven academic talents.
    • Particularly difficult conditions that have affected the applicants while studying
    • Participation in student organizations, student councils, student politics, etc.
  • Equal distribution between the genders will be sought. Gender quotas are to be used if the applicants have approximately equivalent qualifications.


  • The application deadline is 23rd of January. By then, applicants must have uploaded all relevant documents.

We will not inquire about further documents if your application is not complete. Therefore, we recommend that applicants contact us if they have questions about the submission of documents. Application lacking sufficient documents will not be processed.


Applicants who are awarded funding from the Student Bequests will be given notice by e-mail on the 8th of March. Allocated funds are transferred directly to the student's bank account.


If you have questions about the Student Bequests, please contact us:

E-mail: studentlegat@uib.no
Telephone: 55 58 21 41