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Transcript of Records and Diploma registry

You can order a transcript of records with digital signature from Studentweb and order a Diploma when you have completed your degree.

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Starting spring semester 2022, all diplomas and transcripts from UiB will mainly be produced digitally. You will find your results and degree obtained at www.vitnemalsportalen.no. Through the Diploma Registry (Vitnemålsportalen), you can share your results (grades) and degrees (diplomas) with others as needed. Should you need a diploma on paper, you must order this via this form.

Students at the Faculty of Law can request this in the candidate promise form (Norwegian only).

Order digital transcript of records from Studentweb

Order at Studentweb

You can order your transcript of records with a digital signature on Studentweb, under Orders in the top menu. You will find the Trascript of Records under Documents after approx. 10 minutes. If you do not have an active right to study at UiB (no longer a student), log in with the ID port or D-number and PIN. You can get the printout in Bokmål, Nynorsk or English.

A digitally signed transcript is valid as long as the certificate is valid, normally for two years. Transcript of Records with digital signature is only valid in digital form, it is not valid if you print it on paper.

Students will be able to log in to Studentweb (using Feide) up to 1 September after the end of your study period spring semester or 1 February after the end of your study period autumn semester.

Transcript of records with digital signature

  • Is verified with a digital signature that is only confirmed if the PDF has not been modified. This means that it is not verified (valid) if you print it.
  • Shows the results from all courses you have passed at UiB and is marked with the UiB logo.
  • Shows the distribution of grades for each course and contains the explanation of credit system and grading at UiB.
  • Is valid until the certificate on the digital signature expires, usually after two years. You can log in at Studentweb at any time and order a new one. When you are no longer a student at UiB, you can log in with your UiB registration numer and PIN. You received the codes by e-mail before arriving at UiB.

Diploma Registry (Vitnemålsportalen)

The Diploma Registry is a free, digital service where you can collect and share results from higher education in Norway, like UiB, with potential employers and others.

When you log in to the Diploma registry, your results are retrieved directly from UiB's database. You can choose which results you want to share, and the Diploma Registry will then generate a link that you can easily send to the recipients of your choise. Together with the link, a unique code is sent that the recipient must use to see results.

You log in by using

    Students will be able to log in to the Diploma Registry for two months after the end of your study period using Feide.

    See step-by-step explanation on the Diploma Registry’s pages (link).

    See a demonstration of how you share results via a link on the Diploma Registry web site.

    Order a Diploma

    When you have obtained a degree at UiB, you will automatically have your digital diploma produced automatically within 8 - 12 weeks after your last result has been published on Studentweb. You therefore do not need to order a diploma unless you need your diploma on paper or in urgent situations. 

    Should you need a diploma on paper, you must order this via this form.

    At the Faculty of Law, practice is a little different - go to Diplomas from the Faculty of Law for more information.

    Certificate on paper

    If you need your diploma on paper, you must order this via this form. The certificate will then be produced within 8-12 weeks after the order is received and sent by registered mail to the address stated in the form. You must have obtained a degree before ordering a diploma on paper, otherwise the order will not be processed.

    Students at the Faculty of Law can apply for a paper diploma in the candidate promise form.
    Diplomas on paper are only issued once.
    If you have a bachelor's degree from UiB and are applying for a master's degree at UiB, you do not need to attach your bachelor's diploma in the application for admission to the master's.

    Take good care of your diploma, it is only issued once!

    Before you order your Diploma you should check the following:

    - Other education
    Examinations taken at other institutions than UiB which are to be recognised as a part of your degree, must be presented in original at your Faculty Information Centre prior to ordering your diploma. Please note: Without proper course descriptions in English, a complete Diploma Supplement in English cannot be issued.

    - Exams taken this semester
    If you have taken any exams this semester which you would like to include in your degree, please make sure the results are registered on StudentWeb before ordering your Diploma.

    - Name changes
    Have you changed your name since you were first registered as a student at UiB, or is your name misspelled at Studentweb? In that case you must change or update your name before you order your Diploma.

    Finished PhD candidates 

    Finished PhD candidates will find their digital diploma in the Diploma Registry and Studentweb

    All finished PhD candidates will receive a physical version of their diploma in the ceremony for presentation of doctoral degrees in the University Aula. Any questions regarding this theme may be directed to the Faculty’s administrative PhD coordinator.