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Student ID App

UiB's student ID app is your semester receipt.

Kvinnelig student viser frem studentbevisapp
UiB's student ID app is your semester receipt.
Anniken Gjesdahl

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Who:All students
When:As soon as possible after you have opened a user account

Get started

  1. Download the app:
  2. Log on. Choose UiB as your institution and log on using your regular UiB username (xxx000@student.uib.no) and password.
  3. Online first time. Your phone must be online the first time you use the app to download the information correctly. The information will then be stored locally on your phone and you do not have to be online to use it after that.
  4. The app is valid when the semester fee payment has been registered in our system (if applicable) and you have completed the semester registration for the current semester on Studentweb. Note that it may take between three-five days before your payment is registered on Studentweb.

New UiB student?

  1. Claim your UiB user account.
  2. Complete semester registration at Studentweb.
  3. The day after, you can
    • Log on to the Student ID app
    • Visit the Card centre to have your picture taken and get your Student card

Who accepts the app

Everyone who gives student discounts accepts the Student ID app. This is the student's receipt for registration and payment at UiB. Should you experience any misunderstandings regarding this, please direct them to this web page.

About the app 

The app shows the same photo as the one on your student ID card. If the app doesn’t show your photo you must show other valid picture ID in addition at inspections in order for the app to be valid as a student ID.

The app is available in English and Norwegian and will follow the standard language given on your phone.

Students without smart phone

If you do not have a smart phone and therefore do not have the option to use the Student ID app, you can order a semester receipt in paper. Log on to Studentweb and from the top menu choose Orders and then Semester receipt. Remember to update your semester address before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I log on?

You choose UiB as your institution and then you log on with your regular UiB username (eg. abc099) and password which are identical to the ones you use to log on to Mitt UiB, Webmail and computers on campus.

How is the app valid?

You have to pay the semester fee (if applicable) and complete the semester registration on Studentweb for the current semester. Note that it may take a while before your payment is registered on Studentweb. More information about semester fee, semester registration and Student Card is available on the bottom of this page.  

Will I still need a student ID card?

Yes. The student card is used as access card to buildings, a library card and for printing services.

How do I use the app as a student ID to get student discounts?

If you are asked to prove your student status, show your valid Student ID App on your phone. The app shows that you’re an active student at UiB. If the app doesn’t show your photo you must identify yourself with an additional picture ID along with the app.  

Why doesn’t my photo appear on the app?

The app will only show your photo if you have visited the UiB Card Centre to obtain a student card and had your photo taken. IF the photo still does not appear, click on the three dots in the right hand corner and chose 'Update'.

The app is still valid as a student ID, but if it doesn’t show your photo you must identify yourself with an additional picture ID along with the app.   

I’m receiving an error message. What should I do?

If you are experiencing problems concerning logging in, please try the following:

  • Try to uninstall the app and then download it again.
  • Try logging on via someone else's phone. If this works, you should contact your phone company.
  • Log on to innsyn.feide.no. If this does not work, you should try to change your password at passord.uib.no. Avoid letters such as æ, ø, å, á, ë, š, ñ.

If none of this works, you may contact semesteravgift@uib.no explaining the problem and what you have tried so far.

Do I have to show the Student ID App for examinations?

No, you will not be asked to show the Student ID App or a semester receipt, and the app is not valid as identification at examinations. Regular ID with a photo is required. Note that you are not allowed to use a cell phone during examinations.

What type of personal information does the app include about me?

The app collects the following information: name, photo, date of birth, student number, institution and whether you are a valid student (meaning that you have paid the semester fee (if applicable) and registered for the current semester).

The information is only stored locally on your phone in the app. 

For which periods are the Student ID App valid?

The app is valid as a student ID until 31 August in the spring semester and until 31 January for the autumn semester if you have registered for the semester and paid the semester fee (if applicable).