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Create your UiB User Account

When you have registered for the semester, you can create a user account.

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Who: All students
Where: sebra.uib.no
When:As soon as possible after you have completed the semester registration
What you need: Your UiB registration numbers 

How to create a user account

  1. Log in with your UiB registration numbers at sebra.uib.no:
    • UiB registration number: Consists of 11 digits and is normally divided by a white space (6 + 5) when communicated to our students. When you use the number to create a user account, you must make sure that you use it as an 11 digit number with no white space dividing it. Please double check that you include 11 digits.
    • Student number: Consists of 6 digits.
    • PIN: You order your PIN at the login webpage for Studentweb. This PIN is used to log in at Studentweb and to create a user account.
  2. Follow the instructions.
  3. Write down your user name which will appear at the top of the page (three letters and three numbers, xxx000).
  4. Create a personal password (be careful to read the criteria for approved passwords first).
  5. The user account is activated overnight.

Your user account is personal and must not be shared with others.

Your user account will provide you with access to