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As of 3rd May 2021 most reading room seats and library reading seats have to be booked beforehand.

Planning to read at study spaces at most faculties or at one of the libraries at MatNat, SMP, or the Faculty of Law? 

Book a study space here.

What does this mean?

  • You need to book a seat in the TP: Room booking system before you arrive.
  • When you arrive, you need to register by scanning the QR code which is attached to your assigned seat number.
  • You need to confirm your seating no later than
  • 30 minutes after your booking start time.

Where can I book a workspace?

At the libraries:

  • All libraries except the Arts and Humanities Library and the Fine Art and Design Library.

Faculty reading rooms that require booking:

  • Faculty of Humanities: Sydneshaugen skole: reading room 119, 120, 407, 408 and computer lab 317 and 318
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Allégt. 66: Lesesal B, Høyteknologisenteret: BIOINF-reading room and NINA-arealet, Realfagbygget: masterlesesal 1. etg
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Christies gate 13 (Vektergården)
  • Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Law: all workspaces
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design and Faculty of Psychology: No workspaces require booking

Useful tips for booking your reading place

Find free seats: You can access an overview of avaliable workspaces by accessing the menu-button in the top left hand corner, choose rapporter > Daily overview for area and building.

Accessible areas: You can book a workspace anywhere on campus but make sure that you only book a seat in buildings you can access with your keycard. 

Reserved rooms: Some rooms may be reserved for specific Study programmes etc., but are still technically bookable for all. Make sure you only book a workspace/seat in those rooms if you match the criteria for the group the room belongs to. A reserved room will have a description in the “available rooms” list (Norwegian only) 

Upon arrival: Find your seat and scan the QR code

Scan your QR code: Always scan your seat’s corresponding QR code upon arrival. 

If you don’t show up, someone else will get your seat: If you do not confirm the QR code within 30 minutes after the booking starts, your booking will automatically be cancelled and thus available for others to book. You can scan the QR code 15 minutes before your booking time starts. 

Did you miss the 30 minutes QR scan confirmation window?

If you’re prevented from arriving in time, and more than 30 minutes has passed, your seat is automatically cancelled, and you will need to rebook it (if still available). 

Are you leaving earlier than planned? 

If you leave your workspace earlier than the booking end time, please log in to the booking system, find the appropriate booking and end your reservation (“Show my activities”, “Edit”, “Remove”). That way you make your seat available for other students. 

Cancel a booked seat or end a booking in progress 

  • You can cancel your existing bookings in the tab “Show my activities”.
  • You can end your booking after it has started in the tab “Show my activities”.
  • If you want to change a booking location, cancel the existing booking and make a new reservation where you want to be seated.

Booking limitations

You can:  

  • Book up to 4 days ahead 
  • Book up to 12 hrs. for one single booking 
  • Make 24 hrs. (total) of future reservations 
  • Have max. 5 active bookings 
  • You cannot make recurring reservations. 

How to use TP to book a room

Choose a seat 

Select booking type = Seat booking and register your desired date and start/end time. 

Choose the Area that applies to your faculty (or search in all buildings) 

You can choose Room type: 

  • If you choose “Study Hall” only faculty study halls will appear in your list. 
  • If you choose "Student Workspace" only library workspaces will appear in your list. 

Click "Show available rooms” to see which rooms have available seating. 

Choose seat in Room

Select an available Seat number or let the system assign a random seat number for you. 

Click the Confirm button to complete your booking. You can now view your booking details on the confirmation page. 

Remember your seat number

Remember your seat number so you can find and scan the QR code for the correct seat. 

From this page you can also make a new booking and send the confirmation by email. Email confirmations are not necessary as the booking is also available under your “Show my activities” tab.