Study plan for MAHF-FRAN French, Master's, 2 years, fall 2019

Admission Requirements

Bachelor- or Cand.mag.-Degree with specialization (90 credits) in French, or corresponding education. If the applicant has studied with a higher education institution that has a requirement of minimum 80 credits in the specialization, this will also be accepted.

Compulsory units

FRAN307/ Linguistic Seminar (15 credits)

FRAN308/ Literary Seminar (15 credits)

FRAN312/ French Literature (15 credits in cooperation with NTNU)

FRAN313/ French Linguistics (15 credits in cooperation with NTNU)

FRAN350/ Master's thesis in French (60 credits)

The courses can be divided into three parts:

- one basic part of 30 credits (FRAN312 and FRAN313)

- one specialization of 30 credits (FRAN307 and FRAN308)

- The Master´s thesis of 60 credits (FRAN350)

The two courses in the specialization can be linguistic(FRAN307) and literary(FRAN308) in content.

Sequential Requirements, courses

Semester 1 (Autumn)

FRAN307 Linguistic Seminar (15 ECTS)

FRAN312/ French Literature (15 credits in cooperation with NTNU)

Semester 2 (Spring)

FRAN308 Literary Seminar (15 ECTS)

FRAN313/ French Linguistics (15 credits in cooperation with NTNU)

Semesters 3 and 4

FRAN350 Writing your master¿s thesis (60 ECTS)

All 60 credits of coursework have to be completed before submitting the master's thesis.

Objectives / Contents

The French Master´s programme aims to give a high level of knowledge in French language and French literature while providing great competence in oral and written use of modern French. The Master´s programme also aims to develop a critical and independent attitude to problems and methods within the scientific disciplines in the subject.


The Master's Programme in French aims to give you insight into central linguistic and literary scientific methods. In the master's thesis you choose to specialise in language or literature, and the subject for the thesis will play a major part when deciding working method.


The master's thesis is an individual research project within language or literature. The subject of the thesis is chosen in collaboration with your academic supervisor in the beginning of the second semester at the latest. You will receive individual guidance during the research and writing process. The thesis is to be written in French and should be between 70 and 100 pages.

Programme structure

The programme consists of four course modules, adding up to 60 ECTS credits, and a 60 ECTS credit thesis written within language or literature.

Start-up Date


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