Study plan for ÅRPS Psychology, 1 year, spring 2022


Every autumn. Applications to the programme must be sent via the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service.

Objectives and content

Psychology is the scientific study of the behaviour of people (and animals), including thoughts and feelings. Behaviour is explained in psychology through theories that build on scientific methods. The programme provides an introduction to the basic disciplines of psychology (biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, social psychology), in addition to an introduction to the methods and history of psychology. The one-year programme in Psychology represents an education that provides general theoretical knowledge in the basic areas of psychology, with an opportunity for in-depth studies in selected fields of application. The programme also provides knowledge about general research methods in psychology.

Admission to the one-year programme gives one-year full-time admission (60 credits). There are three ways of taking a one-year programme:

1. You can choose the one-year programme in Psychology.

2. You take one year of open courses in psychology-related subjects.

3. You can freely compose open courses from different subjects at the University of Bergen.

Required Learning Outcomes

After completing the one-year programme, you will have knowledge of key ideas, theories and areas on knowledge in the field.

Admission Requirements

To apply for admission to the one-year programme, you must have the Higher Education Entrance Qualification or have met the requirements for prior learning and work experience.

Sequential Requirements, courses

We recommend that you take courses in the following order:

1st semester:

- PSYK111 Introduction to psychology and the history of psychology (15 credits)

- PSYK112 Social psychology and personality (10 credits)

- PSYK113 Introduction to methods (5 credits)

2nd semester:

- PSYK114 Development, cognitive and biological psychology (15 credits)

One of the following optional courses:

- PSYK106 Personnel psychology (15 credits)

- PSYK109 Motivation psychology (15 credits)

- PSYK115 Circadian rhythms, sleep and behavior (15 credits)

- PSYK116 Environmental Psychology (15 credits)

- PSYK117 Operational Psychology (15 credits)

Assessment methods

Emphasis is placed on students receiving experience with different assessment forms like examinations, written work and multiple-choice assignments.

Grading scale

The grading scale A-F or Pass/Fail is used to assess courses that are part of the programme.

Access to further studies

All or part of the programme can be incorporated into a bachelor's degree.


In combination with other subjects, the one-year programme in Psychology provides competence for work in the public and private sectors, for example in schools, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and different parts of the health service, etc. where specialized knowledge of psychology is in demand. To become a psychologist, you must be admitted to and complete the programme of professional study in Psychology.


Programme is constantly evaluated by the programme examiner in accordance with UiB's quality assurance guidelines. Each course description explains how the course is evaluated.

Programme committee

Department of Psychosocial Science

Administrative responsibility

Faculty of Psychology.

Contact information

Student Information Center, Faculty of Psychology