Bachelor programme in human nutrition

  • Years3 Years
  • ECTS credits180

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Required Learning Outcomes

The bachelor's programme in human nutrition qualifies graduates for a range of positions in the field of human nutrition, for the master's programmes in clinical nutrition, human nutrition, international health, and other programmes relating to nutrition.

Upon completion of the programme, students are expected to:

- have a theoretical and methodological understanding of nutrition-related disciplines such as human physiology and biochemistry, as well as of methods used in biomedical and nutrition research

- have a scientific understanding of nutrition, including the nutritional physiology of macro and micro-nutrients, energy metabolism, food science, dietary intake assessment, nutritional recommendations and food-based guidelines

- be capable of evaluating scientific information and placing one's own knowledge in the nutrition context. Students should also have the ability to work in teams, and to design and present data either in writing or orally to different audiences.

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