Nanotechnology, Bachelor's, 3 years

  • Years3 years
  • ECTS credits180

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What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

On completion of the study programme the candidate will have the following learning outcomes:


  • Explain central qualitative and quantitative models in physics, chemistry and molecular biology.
  • Give examples of nanotechnological products and processes and explain how wanted and unwanted features are determined by structures and processes on the nano scale.
  • Follow established protocols for synthesis and characterization of nano-structured materials in agreement with best practice in laboratory safety.
  • has knowledge in programming


  • Discuss nanoscientific phenomena and the connection between the structure and the properties using models from the basic natural sciences and mathematics.
  • Use modern scientific analysis instruments in nanotechnology.
  • Use data programming in solving basic problems in nanotechnology

General competence

  • Present results from own research work orally and in writing.
  • Communicate between the disciplines physics, chemistry and molecular biology.
  • Have insight into ethical and social aspects of nanotechnology and nanotechnological research.



Nanoteknologi - Simen Hjellvik Askeland

Bachelorprogram i nanoteknologi

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