Petroleum and Process Technology, Bachelor's, 3 years

  • Years3 years
  • ECTS credits180

What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme the candidate should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


- explain mathematical concepts and apply mathematical techniques in, for example, differentiation and integration, complex numbers, simple differential equations and linear algebra

- explain the general chemical concepts and relationships between them and could easily perform experimental work in chemistry, describe the laws of thermodynamics, electrochemistry and reaction kinetics and apply these to the analysis and discussion of the complex issues of the subject

- describe the mechanics basic concepts and be able to use these physical problems

- explain and apply the terminology in geology, and use this to describe and analyze the geological processes that have significance for the formation and accumulation of petroleum

- explain the characteristics of the porous media and the basic petrophysical concepts

- use equations that describe multiphase flow generally in the reservoir and near the well area, pressure testing, material balance and describes petroleum fluid properties and methods for improved oil recovery

- describe the principles of fluid mechanics and heat transfer, and explain how they will use for the quantitative treatment related to engineering/design of process equipment


- has the ability to use the library and scientific databases for the collection of relevant information

- can work independently and participate in teamwork

- use laboratory techniques and computer-assisted techniques to acquire and analyze data

- write together a report in accordance with good scientific practice

General competence:

- communicate ideas, problems and solutions to both specialists and non-specialists using various techniques involving qualitative and quantitative information



Petroleum- og prosessteknologi



Prosess- og petroleumsteknologi

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