Education, Bachelor's, 3 years

  • Years3 Years
  • Intake40
  • ECTS credits180

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What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

A graduate with a bachelor's degree in Education from the Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen will have:

Knowledge of:

  • central topics within the field of education
  • the unique characteristics and history of the field
  • relevant issues related to the field of education and professional ethics
  • how to stay informed in the field of education

The skills to:

  • analyse and reflect on issues and topics related to learning and education
  • use academic materials in the planning, implementation, further development and evaluation of teaching and education measures
  • critically search for, process and evaluate, knowledge and information

The general competence to:

  • write an academic text and master the norms of sources and documentation in the field
  • work both independently and with others in a group
  • perform project-based work and plan and complete tasks over a period of time
  • communicate and present educational topics both verbally and in writing

How to Apply


Higher Education Entrance Qualification or the equivalent. It is also possible to apply for admission based on prior learning and work experience.

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Feel free to contact the programme's student advisor if you have any questions: studieveileder.psyfa@uib.no, tel. +47 55 58 27 10