Bachelor's programme in general psychology

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Required Learning Outcomes

A candidate who has completed his or her programme of studies should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate...

  • has knowledge and understanding of the key topics within the subject of psychology.
  • understands how a psychological phenomenon can be studied and explained in various ways and assess different theoretical explanations in relation to one another.
  • has the ability to describe the subject's historical development.
  • is able to keep updated on the subject area of psychology.


The candidate...

  • has the ability to assess different research methods for collection and analysis of data material.
  • has the ability to use different psychological perspectives in the analysis and description of a phenomenon.
  • has the ability to carry out literature searching and assess relevant specialist literature.
  • is able to demonstrate a good command of written and oral communication skills in line with the discipline of psychology.
  • has the ability to carry out an independent limited academic work in line with academic, methodological and ethical guidelines.

General competence

The candidate...

  • has the ability to adopt a critical approach to current knowledge and practice within the discipline of psychology.
  • has the ability to work independently, organise and plan his/her own work within given deadlines, and in line with ethical requirements and guidelines.
  • has the ability to present key specialist material to different audiences in both written and oral form.
  • possesses an insight into relevant subject ethical issues.

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