General Psychology, Bachelor's, 3 years

  • Years3 years
  • Intake60
  • ECTS credits180

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What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

A candidate with a bachelor's degree in General Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology , University of Bergen shall:


  • Have knowledge and understanding of key topics within the field of psychology.
  • Be able to understand how a psychological phenomenon can be studied and explained in several ways and evaluate different theoretical explanations against each other.
  • Describe the subject's historical development.
  • Be able to keep up to date on the field of psychology.


  • Be able to evaluate different research methods for the collection and analysis of a data set.
  • Be able to apply different psychological perspective in the analysis and description of a phenomenon
  • Be able to conduct a literature search and familiarize themselves with and consider the relevant literature
  • Demonstrate good written and oral communication skills in line with the psychology discipline.
  • Conduct a self- limited academic work in line with scientific, methodological and ethical guidelines.


  • Show a critical approach to current knowledge and practice in the psychological field
  • Working independently , organize and plan own work within given deadlines, and in line with ethical requirements and guidelines.
  • Be able to convey key subject material both orally and in writing to various audiences.
  • Have knowledge of applicable norms and rules for research ethics.

Study Period Abroad

Study Period Abroad

There are many options if you want to take a semester or two of your education in another country. The University of Bergen has many exchange agreements, both inside and outside Europe. It is a good idea to travel during the elective part of the programme.

How to Apply


To apply for admission to the bachelor's programme in General Psychology, you must have the Higher Education Entrance Qualification or have met the requirements for prior learning and work experience.

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