Geoscience of Basins and Lithosphere, Master's, 2 years

  • Years2 years
  • ECTS credits120


Objectives and content

The aim of the programme is to impart to the student the knowledge, skills and insight required to operate as an independent professional within the field of geosciences of sedimentary basins and lithosphere, to have an open-minded and internationally oriented attitude and to be a suitable candidate for a subsequent course of study leading to a career in research or industry.

What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

By applying multidisciplinary techniques the Master Course provides an advanced understanding of basin evolution, of structures formed by deeper processes and of processes caused by lithospheric deformation. The general desired learning competencies include:

1) a regional knowledge of worldwide basins and their settings,

2) the ability for use different multidisciplinary types of information and to judge their value

3) the ability to combined this information and formulate hypotheses and explanations concerning basin evolution

4) skills to operate individually as well as cooperate in small working groups

5) critical evaluation skills and an ability to view earth science themes from an integrated perspective.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's degree in Earth science or equivalent education. The average mark for the specialisation in the bachelor's degree or equivalent should be C or better.

Minimum common admission criteria for students are:

- Bachelors degree with honours (180 ECTS or 3 years) or equivalent

Other selection criteria:

- Excellent study results

- Strongly convincing letter of motivation

- Verified excellent quality of institution where first degre was obtained

- Strongly convincing recommendation by academic and/or professional person

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