The Qualification Program for dentists with dental education from countries outside the EU/ EEC area

  • Years1.5 year
  • ECTS credits90

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General information

This is a program for dentists settled in Norway, having a dental degree from a country outside the EU/EEA that has not been recognized as equivalent to the Norwegian dentist qualification by the office of Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK) or Helsedirektoratet (Hdir). The main intention is to calibrate the already achieved, dental competence outside the EU/ EEC-area with Norwegian Master of Dentistry. All parts of the program are mandatory, and all courses/ subjects must be evaluated as «passed» before the student completes the program and is able to undetake the final exam.

A passed, final exam at the Qualification Program will, on application, qualify as basis for issuance of Norwegian authorization as a dentist by Hdir.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

The Department of Clinical Dentistry (IKO) announced admission to The Qualification Program for dentists with dental education from countries outside the EU/ EEC area, on 1st of August 2020. The deadline for applying and attaching relevant documentation was 15th of September 2020.

Planned start of the studies: August 2021


You apply digitally through Søknadsweb, and all relevant documentation must be uploaded through this digital application as attachments. Applications being sent to IKO without using the Søknadsweb, will not be considered.

Formal admission requirements/ criteria:

  • Dental education: It is a requriement that this has been evaluated by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, HDir (present) or by the former Stately Register and Authorization Office for Healt Personell, SAK. It this evalutaion shows a moderat deviation from norwegian Master of Dentistry, the Qualification Program is considered to be a possible way to qualify for authorization as a norwegian dentist at a later time. The evaluation and conclusion by the authorization authorities will be the foundation in IKOs review of the applicants to the Qualification Program.
  • Language proficiency in Norwegian and English as for The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS). It will be possible to send documentation for fullfilled language requirements (and for language requirements only) after the application deadline, but within 15th of December 2020. You must specify in a separate attachement to your application that you will post send documentation for fullfilled language requirement and also document your attendance to any language course.
  • Norwegian residential address at the point of application

Admission process

If you fulfill all the formal admission requirements, you are invited to the first part of the admission test:

  • Part 1, Practical part: You will solve practical tasks on plastic teeth that you will justify in writing. If you achieve a minimum of 40% of the possible score, you will be offered to go throught to the next level, which is:
  • Part 2, Written part: A theoretical test in clinical subjects with some focus on pre- and paraclinical issues. The test will be digital. The following day you will be asked to meet for:
  • Part 3, the Interview: Is based on your education, experience as a dentist, how you communicate in and understand norwegian, level of motivation, clinical experience and abscence from clinical practice, interest for dentistry in general (future prospects) and the answers to both the practical and written parts of the admission test.

All parts of the admission test will be in Norwegian, and all parts (1-3) of the admission test count equally.

If you are ranked as one of the 8 best applicants, you will be offered admission to the Qulification Program.The admission process usually lasts for about half a year to a year.

Information and contact

For practical information regardring applications, please contact Else Fredriksen through mail to else.fredriksen@uib.no or via phone to 55 58 61 86.


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