This is a fulltime study with a duration of 1,5 years, with mostly clinical and theoretical instructions.

Objectives and content

General information

This is a program for dentists settled in Norway, having a dental degree from a country outside the EU/EEA that has not been recognized as equivalent to the Norwegian dentist qualification by the office of Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK) or Helsedirektoratet (Hdir). The main intention is to calibrate the already achieved, dental competence outside the EU/ EEC-area with Norwegian Master of Dentistry. All parts of the program are mandatory, and all courses/ subjects must be evaluated as «passed» before the student completes the program and is able to undetake the final exam.

A passed, final exam at the Qualification Program will, on application, qualify as basis for issuance of Norwegian authorization as a dentist by Hdir.

Teaching methods

Student activity during the education is emphasized as highly important. There is an interdisciplinary approach to different issues, and theoretical aspects are being incorporated to the clinical training:

- Lectures with different cohorts at the program of Master of Dentistry

- Seminars related to clinical training

- Clinical training

- Theoretical tests

Before a candidate is allowed to undertake a theoretical test, all clinical training within the subject in question has to be completed and passed.

Contact information

For information/ contact details

Program administrator Else Fredriksen

e-mail: Else.Fredriksen@uib.no

Phone: +47 55 58 61 86