Study plan for MAHF-FILO Philosophy, Master's, 2 years, spring 2023

Objectives and content

A Master's degree in Philosophy will give the student a deeper understanding of key philosophical problem areas. It is important that the student can work independently with philosophical problems and understand these in a systematic and historical context.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for the Masters Programme in Philosophy you need a bachelor's degree in Philosophy or equivalent. You must hold a minimum of 80 ECTS in relevant courses such as Philosophy, or equivalent.

Bachelor¿s degrees from UiB that qualify:

  • Bachelor's degree in Philosophy

Other bachelor degrees that qualify:

  • Other bachelor degrees can qualify if you can document minimum 80 ECTS in Philosophy or equivalent.

Applicants without a specialization in Philosophy can qualify for admission by documenting that they have completed:

  • At least 60 credits in Philosophy
  • Applicants must also have another 30 credits that are relevant to their planned MA thesis
  • Additionally, applicants should include a 500-700-word statement that explains how their academic background and competence prepares them to do an MA in Philosophy

You also need to document: