French, Master's, 2 years

The French Master’s programme gives you knowledge of the French language, literature and culture at a high level. The Master’s programme aims to develop a critical approach to information, and the ability to analyse complex issues critically and in new ways. These skills are fundamental to a functioning democracy.
  • TuitionFor non eu/eea citizens
  • Years2 Years
  • Grade requirementsMinimum C
  • LanguageFrench
  • ECTS120
  • StartAutumn

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Welcome to the Master's Programme in French at the Faculty of Humanities. 

Starting time: Welcome meeting with your program.Programme for the welcome week: You can find the semester startup programme here. Get started as a student:  Everything you need to know for the semester startup and the programme for the welcome week can be found in "UiBtreet". At the end of July, you will receive an email with a link and information about how to log in. Do you have special needs? If you have a disability or have any special need you can contact us. Together we'll find the best solutions for you and what you need.Do you have any questions? You can contact our information center on 55 58 93 70 or send an e-mail to studieveileder@hf.uib.no

What will you learn?

The Master’s programme aims to give you a high level of knowledge of French literature, culture and language, including oral and written use of modern French. In the supervised Master’s thesis, you work independently on in-depth research and analysis of a problem within French linguistics or literature. The assignment may have a cultural perspective, or come from French linguistics or literature. The Master’s programme also aims for you to take an active part in research projects at the Department of Foreign Languages, so that you develop a critical and independent attitude to problems and methods within the scientific branches of the subject. 

Through the Master’s degree 

  • You gain extensive knowledge of French and/or Francophone literature and French linguistics 

  • You work independently and on long-term problem solving, based on academic knowledge 

  • You can independently develop you own competences and specialisation 

Student life 

As a Master’s student, you get your own desk in the reading room. You meet people who are interested in related study topics and get the chance to practice French with native speakers. Both administrative and academic staff welcome your questions. 

To influence the development of your study programme, you can act as a student representative on the programme committee, or you can arrange various meetings as part of the student council. 

There are six hours of lectures each week, as well as additional seminars. You spend most of your time on independent reading and research, as well as working on the Master’s thesis. We teach and use literature in French. 

You must be able to work independently, but you can always talk to other students, your supervisor and other staff if you need support. 

In the second year of the programme you write your Master’s thesis. You get individual guidance during the research and writing process. 


With high-level knowledge of French language and literature, you can work in: 

  • International organisations 

  • Research 

  • Art and education 

  • Media  

  • Commerce 

  • Tourism 

Demand for French language skills is increasing. The number of French speakers worldwide is expected to multiply manifold during the 21st century. 

A Master’s degree in French guarantees a certain level of experience in independent research. A Master’s degree implies extensive training in interpreting and producing texts. The study of foreign languages contributes to the development of greater capacity for intercultural communication. 

All these skills can be transferred to and be useful in many professional and social environments. 

Admission requirements and how to apply 

Application deadline: 15 April 

Follow these links to find the general entry requirements and guidelines on how to apply:

You will also have to meet the programme specific entry requirements.

All applicants with citizenship from outside the EU/EEA must pay tuition fees.

Study structure 

The programme covers two academic years (four semesters) and starts in the autumn.   

The courses can be divided into three parts: two basic courses worth 30 ECTS, two specialised courses worth 30 ECTS, and a Master’s thesis worth 60 ECTS. 

Semester 1 

  • FRAN312/French Literature, H (15 ECTS., in cooperation with NTNU) 

  • FRAN307/Linguistic Seminar, H (15 ECTS) 

Semester 2 

  • FRAN308/Literary Seminar, V (15 ECTS) 

  • FRAN313/French Linguistics V (15 ECTS, in cooperation with NTNU) 

Semester  3 and 4   

  • FRAN350 /Master’s Thesis  (60 ECTS) 

Full list of courses in this study programme  

You define and plan your project with help and assistance from your supervisor. In the Master’s thesis you may choose to specialise in language or literature, but it is also possible to combine literary, linguistic and cultural perspectives. 

Study period abroad 

You can spend the second or third semester at a partner university abroad. We recommend France or Canada. 

Further studies 

You can continue in academic research by taking a postgraduate degree (PhD) 

Questions about the study? 

Phone: +47 55 58 93 70 

Mail: studierettleiar@hf.uib.no 

Study plan