Study plan for MAHF-FRAN French, Master's, 2 years, fall 2022

ECTS Credits

The course consists of 120 ECTS credits with a standard length of two years¿ full-time study.


Full time.

If you want to complete the course on a 50% part-time basis, a formal application must be submitted to the institution. Please see Routines for the master¿s degree programme.

Language of Instruction

See the individual course plan for topics that are included in the programme.



Objectives and content

The French master¿s programme aims to provide high-level knowledge in the fields of French linguistics and literature whilst at the same time providing skills in oral and written use of modern French.

The Master¿s programme also aims to develop a critical and independent attitude towards problems and methods within scientific disciplines of the subject.

Required Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, the candidate will have achieved the following learning outcomes in the categories of knowledge, skills, and general competence.


The candidate

  • Has a broad knowledge of the disciplines of French linguistics and French-language literature
  • Has basic knowledge of key issues, theories and methods within the field
  • Has in-depth knowledge of a self-selected area that is the focus of the master¿s thesis


The candidate

  • Can explore, in oral and written French, academic issues, analyses and conclusions within their own field of study
  • Can work independently and on a long-term basis with problem solving based on knowledge of the field
  • Can study and evaluate critical theories, methods and interpretations within the subject area
  • Can acquire and use knowledge in new areas within the subject field

General competence

The candidate

  • Can carry out a research or developmental project under guidance and in line with current research ethical norms
  • Can independently maintain their own competence development and specialisation

Admission Requirements

In order to apply for the Master¿s Programme in French you need a bachelor's degree in French or equivalent. You must hold a minimum of 80 ECTS in relevant courses such as French language and literature or equivalent.

Bachelor degrees from UiB that qualify:

- Bachelor degree in French

Bachelor degrees that qualify:

- Other bachelor degrees can qualify if you can document 80-100 ECTS in French language and literature or equivalent

You also need to document:

- Average grade of minimum C (equivalent to Norwegian grade C)www.uib.no/en/education/49142/english-language-requirements-masters-programmes-taught-english

- Proficiency in English: Please note that admission to the Master's Programme in French requires lower test results in English than the general requirements for UiB. The language requirements for the Master's Programme in French are:

- IELTS academic - International English Langauge Testing System: Minimum score of 6.0 in each of the bands: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

- TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language, internet-based test (iBT): Minimum total score: 80

- PTE Academic - Pearson Test of English Academic. Minimum overall score: 53

Recommended previous knowledge


Introductory Courses

There are no introductory courses for the master¿s programme.

Compulsory units

  • FRAN307/Main language topic, autumn (15 credits)
  • FRAN308/Main literary topic, spring (15 credits)
  • FRAN312/French literature, autumn (15 credits, in collaboration with NTNU)
  • FRAN313/French linguistics, spring (15 credits, in collaboration with NTNU)
  • FRAN350/Master¿s thesis in French (60 credits)

The programme can be divided into three parts:

The two topics in the specialised section have a predominantly linguistic (FRAN307) and literary (FRAN308) content.



Recommended electives


Sequential Requirements, courses

1st semester (autumn)

  • FRAN312/French literature (15 credits, in collaboration with NTNU)
  • FRAN307/Main language topic (15 credits, in collaboration with NTNU)

2nd semester (spring)

  • FRAN308/Main literary topic (15 credits)
  • FRAN313/French linguistics (15 credits)

3rd semester (autumn) and 4th semester (spring)

All modules in the course parts of the programme (totaling 60 credits) must be completed before the master¿s thesis is submitted.

Study period abroad

It is highly recommended that, and the course is adapted so that, students take part of the programme as an exchange student in another country.

Recommended exchange destinations can be found on the course website: http://www.uib.no/studieprogram/MAHF-FRAN#uib-tabs-utveksling

Students can also choose from the locations with which the University of Bergen has agreements. All information about exchange programs can be found at:www.uib.no/utveksling


Assessment methods

Through the duration of the programme, students will meet various forms of assessment. These can include written school examinations, guided assignments, home exams, oral presentations, oral examinations and portfolio assessments.

The form of assessment will depend on the learning outcomes of the various modules.

For more information on the individual forms of assessment, see the individual module plans.

Diploma and Diploma supplement

Diplomas and diploma supplements are printed after the degree is completed.


The master¿s programme is continuously evaluated in accordance with the guidelines for quality assurance at UiB. Subject and program evaluations can be found at qualitybasen.uib.no

Suitability and autorisation

This program does not require a suitability assessment or authorisation.

Administrative responsibility

The Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Humanities has the administrative responsibility for the study programme.

Contact information


Telephone: 55 58 93 70