Course of study

Structure of Biomedical Sciences, Master's, 2 years

Master's Programme in Biomedical Sciences (requirement 120 SP)
Compulsory courses (requirement 30 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
BMED320Methods in Biomedical Research251
HELVIT300Theory and ethics of Science51
Optional courses (requirement 30 SP)
The listed courses below are already approved as optional courses. You could choose courses beyond this list (both at UiB and other institutions) as long as they are approved by your supervisor and the programme committee.
Elective course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
BMED330Cell Communication and Intracellular Signaling102
BMED331Tumour Biology102
BMED340Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience102
BMED380Seminar Series 51–32
ELMED219Artificial intelligence and computational medicine62
HUIMM307Basic Course in Flow Cytometry52
HUMGEN301Human Molecular Genetics52
HUPAT301Basic Human Pathology52
LAS301Animal Science Course 62–32
LAS302Mammal Science Course42
Tutoring contract
Mandatory course
Tutoring Contract for Master Program in Medical Biology
Master's Thesis (requirement 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
BMED395Master's Thesis in Biomedical Sciences603
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester