Study plan for MAMD-NUCLI Master's Programme in Clinical Nutrition, fall 2020

Objectives and content

The aim of the master's programme in clinical nutrition is to provide a theoretical and practical basis for a career as a clinical nutritionist.

A master's degree in clinical nutrition will qualify graduates for authorisation as a 'Klinisk ernæringsfysiolog' (Registered Dietician/Clinical Nutritionist) by the Norwegian government.

Required Learning Outcomes

The master's programme in clinical nutrition qualifies for a career in the field of clinical nutrition, and for a scientific career in nutrition research. A master's degree will qualify for authorisation as a registered dietician/clinical nutritionist ('Klinisk ernæringsfysiolog').

Upon completion of the master's programme, candidates are expected to be able to:

- recognise a clinical status, identify and conduct necessary nutritional therapies for patients in hospitals or outpatient clinics.

- work independently and in collaboration with other health personnel

- plan and conduct nutritional therapies at the organisational level, with reference to their skills in nutritional measures, methods and communication

- work in public and private organisations and institutions, food and pharmaceutical companies and international organisations

- conduct an independent, but limited research project (or development project) under supervision