Human nutrition, Master's, 2 years

  • Years2 years
  • Intake10
  • LanguageNorwegian/English
  • ECTS credits120
  • Tuition feeNone


Objectives and content

Human nutrition is an interdisciplinary study that combines courses from a number of different fields. The aim is to impart scientific knowledge about biochemical and physiological mechanisms relating to the digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients. The importance of nutrition to good health will also be covered. Typical research questions are within the field of nutritional physiology, with the focus on marine resources.

What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

The master's programme in human nutrition will qualify graduates for a broad range of careers in the field of nutrition, and for a scientific career in nutrition research.

Upon completion of the master¿s programme, candidates are expected to be able to:

- participate in applied and basic research in the field of food science, nutrition and biomedicine

- work in public and private organisations and institutions, food and pharmaceutical companies and international organisations

- conduct an independent, but limited research project (or development project) under supervision

How to Apply

Programme structure

Master in nutrition - Human nutrition (krav 120 SP)
Human nutrition - obligatory subjects (krav 50 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
NUTR333AHuman Nutrition A102–32
HELVIT300Theory and ethics of Science51–21
NUTRFYSHuman Physiology151–21
NUTR203Nutrition physiology macro nutrients101–21
NUTR204Nutrition physiology micro nutrients101–21
Human nutrition - optional subjects (krav 10 SP)
Elective course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
BIO306Food Chemistry and Analysis152
BMED381Biomedical Nutrition Physiology52
HELSTAStatistical Methods in Health Science51–33
NUCLI362Genetic disorders in nutrient metabolism 52
NUTR302AHuman Nutrition - Digestion52
LAS301Animal Science Course 62–32
LAS302Mammal Science Course42–32
LAS303Fish Science Course42–32
MEDSTA2Regression models in medical research52–32
INTH360Global Nutrition52
HUMGEN301Human Molecular Genetics52
HUPAT301Basic Human Pathology52
Human nutrition - master thesis (krav 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
NUHUM395Master's Thesis in Human Nutrition603–4
Human nutrition - tutoring contract
Mandatory course
Tutoring contract for master program in nutrition
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester

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