Chemistry, Master's, 2 years

  • Years2 years
  • ECTS credits120
  • Tuition feeNone


The Degree

Master of Science in Chemistry

Objectives and content


The goal of the study is to give the candidate theoretical and practical knowledge in chemistry on a high level, with a special focus on a chosen field of chemistry. Based on this knowledge the candidate should be able to conduct a Master's degree research project in one of the research groups in the department.

The candidate should be able to apply established knowledge, but also be able to participate in the further development of chemistry.

A candidate that completes a Master's programme in chemistry will have experience in presenting results and theories orally and in writing and be trained in finding and evaluating relevant scientific literature.


The research areas one can choose between for a Master's project cover the whole breadth of the field of chemistry, from theoretical to experimental work. The department has state-of-the art instruments, which ensure that the experimental work will be of high quality (e.g. NMR, UV-, IR-, NIR- and Raman-spectroscopy, MS and x-ray crystallography). The combination of subjects specific to the different research areas will give the candidate a thorough theoretical and practical specialisation that can be applied when conducting the research project in the Master's programme.


Autumn (main admission) and spring (supplementary admission).

What you Learn

Required Learning Outcomes

On completion of the programme the candidate should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate

  • can recite facts and discuss theoretical aspects of chemical classes of substances, physical properties, and/or molecular structures at an advanced level
  • is able to explain the theoretical background for choice of methods, and justify the choice of methods used for solving chemical problems in the topic of the Master¿s thesis
  • is able to explain and discuss theory in chosen topics in chemistry
  • has advanced knowledge in chemistry, especially in the topic of the Master¿s thesis



The candidate

  • is able to understand and evaluate scientific problems using chemical literature
  • is able to conduct a research project
  • is able to evaluate existing knowledge in a critical manner, and point to areas where there is a lack of knowledge
  • is able to analyze, interpret, and discuss results achieved in a critical manner using data and theory in chemistry


General competence

The candidate

  • is able to formulate a hypothesis that can be tested and evaluated
  • is able to evaluate methods and chose a method that can lead to new knowledge
  • is able to summarize research results orally and in writing in a precise and scientific manner
  • is able to reflect upon key scientific problems in his/her own and other people¿s scientific work
  • demonstrates an understanding of and respect for scientific

values such as openness, precision and reliability

Study Period Abroad

Study period abroad

You can plan study periods abroad in consultation with your supervisor as a part of the master agreement.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

This programme is avalible for citizens from within the European Union/EEA/EFTA.

You will have to meet the programme specific entry requirements.

Follow these links to find the general entry requirements and guidelines on how to apply:

Programme structure

Master's Programme in Chemistry (requirement 120 SP)
Subjects (requirement 60 SP)
You should choose subjects in consultation with your academic supervisor.
Master thesis in Chemistry (requirement 60 SP)
Mandatory course
Course codeCourse titleSPSR
KJEM399Master's Thesis in Chemistry603
SP = ECTS credits, S = Semester, R = Recommended semester

More information

About the programme

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Department of Chemistry

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences by the Department of Chemistry holds the administrative responsibility for the programme.

Please contact the academic adviser for the programme if you have any questions:


Phone: + 47 55 58 34 45